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The main problem for us humans isn't really niggers themselves which are just dumb animals, it's how most humans have been brainwashed into thinking that any problems with nigs is just a cultural thing, poverty, and The ever-convenient, ever-unprovable "racism."

I say this because you hit it on the head saying niggers are "hardwired" for gibsmedat behaviors, along with all other forms of TNB. In school and in media we are made to believe niggers are deep down just like us, but a niggermaniac knows better. He or she knows niggers are hardwired for vastly different living conditions, are hundreds of millennia behind humans in mental evolution, and are therefore hardwired to act in the ways that they do.

I work in education too and I fear the day a Shitskin is made a coworker of mine. There is one at my school but it's in a different department.

SpearChuckinJungleBunny, Niggermania 2 Comments [2/13/2018 1:43:29 PM]
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Citizen Justin

"I work in education too"

I bet you do. Infact, tomorrow you'll probably be unblocking the boys' toilet again.

2/13/2018 7:18:50 PM


"Claims of racism are unproven!"

*writes an entire post where the FIRST SENTENCE calls African-Americans non-human*


2/14/2018 7:04:11 AM

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