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Yesterday evening my neighbor, we’ll call her Z, a rector/priest and the nicest lady you’ll ever meet had her life threatened by thug niggers. Z was driving home from her church in a nigger fuxatted part of town, while driving on the slick roads in said part of town gets rear ended by a fambly of niggers. Z doing what responsible humans do, gets out and try’s to exchange insurance and get a traffic cop there.

The nigger and it’s shitspawn begin chimping, saying “ I gots warrants and no insurance, this yo fucking fault”. The nigger got back in it’s car and got on the phone and called nigger bucks to it’s aide. Z waiting in her car hears a trucker honking his horn at her, she rolls down her window and the trucker yells “get the fuck outta here, that lady is calling her friends”.

Sure as shit the niggers arrive before the police do and are trying to intimidate her, telling her “repeat after me bitch ‘it’s my fault’”. The nigger bucks leave before the police get there, 15 minutes later. The cop, being a nigger doesn’t even take this warrant having boon to jail, just a ticket. Z was in her priest uniform while these niggers were trying to intimidate her. Niggers have no regard for nothing, not even people of the cloth. I feel bad for Z because she was from a well to do part of the Northwestern United States and never had to deal with boons. Unfortunately her faith will keep her from realizing how truly evil niggers are.

CountyCoonKeeper, Niggermania 5 Comments [2/11/2018 11:02:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Pharaoh Bastethotep

* wants to make fun of blacks through excessive ebonics
* does not even know the difference between "its" and "it's"

2/11/2018 11:02:22 AM

Doubting Thomas

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting adventure on "Stories of Shit That Never Happened."

2/12/2018 7:59:37 AM


So let me get this straight...

Your alleged threatening black people managed to call and summon an entire angry horde - a call of which a mysterious passing trucker somehow managed to hear while on the move and warned your fully dressed preacher friend before fucking off to leave her to supposedly defend herself from - all of whom managed to get their coat, shoes, keys, and evidently a gps with their exact location on it needing no explanation of where in the middle of nowhere they're supposed to go or why and arrived within bare minutes. Then after screaming how it's basically illegal for them to be driving at all and how there's an active warrant out for their arrest when actually saying that out loud would make no goddamned sense whatsoever... waits for the cops who for some reason had a response time much slower than the national average or a bunch of random people who dropped whatever the hell it was they were doing in the middle of the day at an instant's notice with minimal explanation. Then your scary black man who would have been better served by bolting wastes time threatening her repeatedly into saying things that would not help them at all under their circumstances since responsibility for an accident would have absolutely no bearing for someone uninsured and being seen by a cop with a warrant out for their arrest would make sticking around for a cop to show up an extremely strange choice, especially as black Americans are quite painfully aware that even for a perfectly law-abiding black man in America a traffic stop carries a very real possibility of being shot to death with nothing a reasonable person would consider provocation resulting in little or no repercussions for the police. And then this threatening horde just as magically as they appeared vanishes without a trace before a statistically anomalous black police officer - who have also been known to treat other black men with a presumption of extreme threat and prejudice which racists like to point out and shift blame onto in aforementioned shootings - travelling without a partner then acts very much not like a cop and writes a simple ticket for the hostile, uninsured, person with a warrant out for their arrest that if he was trying to get off scott free like you're trying to suggest wouldn't have bothered writing because ticketing someone for reckless driving in a fender bender is putting them at fault for one which is exactly what your alleged scary black man with a warrant out did not want and one of those excuse charges for when a cop who's pissed at you can't find something to bring you in for (which the cop could have done easily for an uninsured driver and would have tangible gains for doing) for another. Also why would they expect this ticket to ever get paid if the person it was given to would have reason to be hiding from the law, which it is suggested the cop knows?

That sound about right? There are a few rather questionable things with that story...

2/12/2018 11:40:07 AM


I love that last line.

10/27/2018 11:11:40 PM


Yesterday evening my neighbor, we’ll call her Z, a rector/priest and the nicest lady you’ll ever meet

I knew a pastor who was one of the nicest ladies I'd ever met....and she was a black woman.

11/7/2018 6:16:23 PM

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