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Mike S. King’s book, “The Bad War” says it all.

Adolf Hitler never wanted war; he had gone through the hell of WWI, so he knew exactly what another war of this type would be like. The Germans even dropped leaflets with the text of his peace speech before the Reichstag over London, hoping the Brits would call the war off, but the warmongering Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, would have none of it, and the war went on.

You’re spot on, Br. Nat; we’re in a very sorry state due to the Jews winning WWII. Jewry did, indeed, destroy Western Civilization and annihilated what was once known and experienced as Christendom. Europe’s a huge example, with 3rd World (mostly Muslim) migrants pouring into the continent daily.

God bless you forever.

Eileen Kuch, Real Jew News 6 Comments [2/11/2018 11:03:02 AM]
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Pharaoh Bastethotep

Mike S. King

Epic Fail from the start.

2/11/2018 11:04:46 AM


Is that Mike King, as in the guy with the cat that talks like a snake? Yeah, if someone citing him and "Br. Nat" told me the sky was blue, I'd check it myself before I believed them.

(On second thought, maybe that's a bad choice of words....ain't really seen much blue sky around here lately. lol)

2/11/2018 1:13:29 PM


When you cite a man who talks to his cat - sorry, his "Editor" - you lose all credibilit---

Oh wait, it's Rabbi Kapner's site. Never mind, you never had any credibility.

Also, did Hitler expect the sovereign nations he invaded to just roll out the red carpet? If he didn't want war, why did he invest so much in the military and break disarmament treaties?

2/11/2018 4:19:53 PM

Doubting Thomas

Adolf Hitler never wanted war

That's why he invaded Poland in 1939.

2/12/2018 7:56:54 AM


@ #2135283
Doubting Thomas

"That's why he invaded Poland in 1939." - Vill you stop talking about ze war? [/fake German accent]

Regards & all,

Thomas L. Nielsen

2/12/2018 8:13:36 AM


the warmongering Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, would have none of it, and the war went on

Question: was Churchill in a position to declare war in 1939?

Even Neville Chamberlain realised that appeasement didn't work.

we’re in a very sorry state due to the Jews winning WWII

Well, you are. Charlottesville. Nazis officially declared terrorists in Britain before then; was it people of a certain religion who murdered Labour MP Jo Cox? Who drove a certain car...?

...meanwhile, I for one welcome our new Jewish overlords.

I'm one of the so-called 'Goyim' you speak of in such a derogatory way. Me, I wear that appellation as a badge of honour. Because considering how a certain someone heads committees advising our Conservative government on Science & Technology: ensuring our progress, seems I'm doing just fine in our post-Nazi Britain.

Oswald Mosley & his Browntrousers: the Battle of Cable Street. Seems Londoners were doing just fine before then.

2/13/2018 7:04:31 AM

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