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[Highlights from the video]

[Poorly imitating an Arabic accent]
"Oh no! Here we have a woman without her shawl on! Time for a stoning! Today, on al-Qaeda Cops!"

"Jeez, I swear to God, you Jews, you Mexicans, you Asians, you're so demanding."

[Poorly imitating an Asian accent]
"In China they say chicky chang wang Charlie chang chicky chaka chukka cha."
[Normal voice]
"Shut the fuck up. I don't care what they say in China. Hahaha!"
[Imitating accent again]
"In China dey say cat very delicious! Hahahaha!"

[Poorly imitating a German accent]
"Zis is what happens when you let ze Jews do whatever they want. Hahaha! You let the Jews overrun space and now look at zis! Their greed has had the artifact turn everyone into necromorphs. So now I, the last remaining Nazi, must exterminate them.

"You know when he's black there's gonna be trouble."

DSPGaming, YouTube 8 Comments [3/1/2018 12:52:54 PM]
Fundie Index: 8

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Not him again. I, for one, sincerely hoped that he'd given up by this point making let's plays.

3/1/2018 2:21:26 PM


It's DarkSydePhil. That guy REALLY, REALLY, REALLY needs to stop; most of the Internet already thinks he's a dumbass and a jerk...

@hydrolythe: Plus side though, more "This is how you don't play (name of game here)", which are absolutely hilarious.

3/1/2018 9:05:05 PM


As long as he stays way from Monster Hunter World, and World of Tanks, he can do whatever he wants.

3/2/2018 1:22:27 AM

Man Called True

This is nothing new. His Sleeping Dogs playthrough was about 89% Asian stereotypes.

3/2/2018 12:41:55 PM


[Properly imitating a white American accent]


"WAAAAAH! We Alt-Shitists can't say, do or think what we like in this Politically Correct world! We can't moan, bitch & whine at Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, Women, Gays, Liberals, Jews, you name 'em! After Charlottesville, what options do we have left?! REEEEEEEEEEEE!"

In Reality, they say white Nazi tears are very delicious! Hahahaha!"

3/3/2018 4:32:27 PM


I think you got the wrong fundie quote partner. DSP isn't a Nazi, just an insensitive douchebag.

3/4/2018 12:33:07 AM


The icon of GamerGaters.

4/12/2018 11:17:27 PM


In the Nazis bit at the end he says 'now, turn the ovens on!'

Anyway, this guy isn't allowed on YouTube anymore.

11/24/2018 11:30:14 PM

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