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[From: "Ta-Nehisi Coates on The Lost Cause"]
John C. Calhoun argued that African-Americans were unworthy and that freedom would prove to be a curse rather than a blessing to them. The last 150 years of American history has proven that Calhoun was right. Freedom failed. Black people have used their freedom to spread ebonics, organize flash mobs, collect welfare checks, sell crack on street corners, impregnate teenagers, and murder and assault each other while contributing virtually nothing of value except the super soaker water gun to the progress of human species.


The history of post-colonial Africa has shown the ability of black people to take over prosperous countries like Ghana, Congo and Rhodesia and utterly destroy them. Similarly, America's great cities like Birmingham and Detroit have also been destroyed by African-Americans.

Brad Griffin (aka Hunter Wallace), Occidental Dissent 5 Comments [3/4/2018 4:32:42 AM]
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Is this guy a Mormon?
And what's wrong with that link? Does it lead to itself?

3/4/2018 8:57:55 AM


You're an idiot.

3/4/2018 10:35:58 AM


My wife is black and a doctor. In two fields. what does the OP have to speak for himself except some whining on the Internet?

3/4/2018 11:24:19 PM



Fixed it.

3/5/2018 5:58:06 AM

Doubting Thomas

While white people have used their freedom to spread country music, organize Klan rallies, collect disability & unemployment checks, produce inane TV shows like "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "Duck Dynasty," sell moonshine, commit mass shootings, watch NASCAR, and impregnate teenagers while contributing nothing of value but claim superiority when other whites make scientific breakthroughs.

3/5/2018 8:33:20 AM

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