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Hi Sweeney,

I have just re-read your original post and wonder if you mean something rather different to what I thought. You seem to perhaps mean that if it is real no one would question it and if it is made up how did so many people get in on the scheme? Take the moon landings, which have long been the subject of conspiracy theorists. The general doubt about it being a conspiracy is that if it was a fake moon landing how did so many people join in and then keep the secret for so many decades? But that would suggest that at the outset a group of people, perhaps from the White House down, decided to scheme and fake the whole thing.

The holocaust is a completely different set of circumstances. The jews had made an enemy of themselves in the eyes of the Germany leaders and had allowed them to put them in a stranglehold, which led to expulsions and an overall desire to rid all of Germany and a wider body of them. The zionist leaders saw an opportunity to exploit this golden one off chance to their advantage, a zionist state. The more blood on the pavement the better as far as they were concerned. That particular theory is well explored in a very good book - The Founding Myths of Modern Israel. A smooth exit for all jews under German control wouldn't persuade the outside world to give them or realistically, steal land from Palestine.

Thus it was in their interests to make the blood thicker, the pain greater and the suffering worse than any other in history. The PR/propaganda war went into overdrive. On the subject of ordinary jews incarcerated in camps, they would have been tired, undernourished and scared. Rumours would have spread like wildfire. Nothing they heard subsequently could have changed their minds that all those jews who came in on last night's trains disappeared, when in fact they were shaved, showered and sent to work in the vastness of Auschwitz (40sq kilometers) or sent to other camps to work for the war effort. Many who went through Treblinka were simply expelled into the Russian hinterlands. Some of those died of course.

After the war their suspicions were absolutely supported and reinforced by the stories told at Nuremberg and retold in many a film, news reel, story of a survivor and like all stories they get repeatedly worse and more dire. Indeed as a fact they never did hear from many or all of their extended families, but this wasn't because they were gassed or died in camps but because they went elsewhere in the world. It isn't a conspiracy of a faked moon landing, after all that would be out of this world! No it was a set of circumstances that allowed many lying and scheming shysters to claim anything they like without fear of criticism, for that would be an act of evil anti semitism.

Your average Joe Schlomo was not 'in on it' save for the fact that it all made sense to him and being a good jew he couldn't possibly look his fellow jews in the eye in synagogue if he didn't go full metal holocaust and six million at every opportunity.

borjastick, CODOH 1 Comments [3/10/2018 10:20:03 AM]
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You are truly a fucking idiot.

3/16/2018 3:43:07 PM

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