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Women need to have their right to vote removed and we need to stop tailoring our education system to them or they wont have kids.

Flat_Earth_Shill, r/DebateAltRight 5 Comments [3/7/2018 2:22:06 AM]
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Doubting Thomas

And yet with women still having the right to vote and women's studies popular in colleges across the country, our population keeps increasing.

3/7/2018 8:09:47 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Again, in Germany, improving compatibility between work and family life has lead to increasing birthrates, proving this idiocy wrong.

Also, yet another case of what I call the Madonna/Spinster Complex.

3/7/2018 9:02:01 AM


Naah but fascists like you, this could work indeed! After all, it`s not ike you support democracy in the first place.

3/7/2018 9:40:49 AM


<** looks at photos on the mantle of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren **>

Funny, the vote and a couple of college degrees didn't stop me from breeding.

3/7/2018 10:36:24 AM


So you want to work full-time to support a wife and kids?

3/7/2018 9:23:20 PM

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