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Why I hate Black Women

They are the most arrogant, loud mouthed, undisplined and narcissistic femoids ever to exist.

Black femoids love saying how they are strong, independent and need of no man. Yet, go on moaning on how no one wants them and how they hate being single. The fact of the matter is that black femoids are the least desirable out of every race of femoid out there, yet for some reason they think that they are hot shit. Bitches, you ain't shit. So, stop acting all high and mighty.

They love to brag how they are "Black Queens" every 5 minutes or so, which I've never seen from any other race of femoid. Like, how fucking arrogant can you be to think yourself as queens and think that any man should treat you like one? You cunts aren't queens and you will never will be.

Black femoids also have the tendency of saying how they want a good man but for some reason they always hook up with some thug. Then they get pregnant with Tyrone's, Jamal's, Deshawn's, DeAndre's kids and bash men for not stepping up. Bitch, bash yourself for being low IQ slut. No wonder the single mother ratio is so high with you organisms.

They act like complete degenerates wherever they go -- it's fucking unbearable. Its unbelievable that a race of femoids such as black bitches can be so undisciplined. Which is why they should be put on leashes and cages.

Lookismisreal, r/MaleForeverAlone 6 Comments [3/10/2018 1:08:02 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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wow, so much vitriol, if your writing was an actual, physical object, it`s toxicity would kill a king cobra with but the slightest touch.

3/10/2018 2:29:55 PM

Happy Atheist

Very clear you don't actually interact with any black women. You seriously believe the stereotypes are real.

3/10/2018 3:31:38 PM

@ Happy Atheist

I doubt Looksie interacts with ANY women at all.

Which, in light of his hateful attitude, is a good thing for ALL women.

3/10/2018 4:53:29 PM

The Crimson Ghost

Wasn't he saying pretty much the same damn thing about white women a day or 2 ago? Perhaps he forgot.

3/10/2018 8:42:52 PM


Married a black woman. So, first hand estimation of the OP: it is BS.
Incels slamming others over IQ? They sure forget that self-consciousness is part of intelligence, because they sure ignore how utterly repulsive their morals and actions are.

3/12/2018 7:57:43 AM

Doubting Thomas

Like, how fucking arrogant can you be to think yourself as queens and think that any man should treat you like one?

You mean like my wife, who is my queen? See, this is why you idiots will be celibate forever. And adding racism on top of raging sexism is not going to do you any favors in the relationship department.

3/12/2018 8:02:53 AM

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