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Women are wimps

They're all cowards. It's surprising that they can function at all. The naivety, the inability to back up anything without other women/numales. They can't take what they dish out. They are always the victims, society has shown to that. They doubt, overthink, hesitate. They are missing the sharpness that would help them succeed. Their answer to this is to punish the brave and confident. To reward the content. The risk takers, the best humanity has to offer, are often the targets of women.

I have little hope for the future with them leading the way.

TSlidec, r/MaleForeverAlone 7 Comments [3/7/2018 9:34:10 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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And of course you know all this from experience...

3/7/2018 10:08:32 AM


OK, you can have the next pregnancy and delivery. Let's see how brave you are.

3/7/2018 10:26:19 AM


Yeah, being FOREVER ALONE puts you in a wonderful position to deconstruct all women...

As for cowards, explain how any woman gets pregnant a second time, then?

3/7/2018 11:40:46 AM


Off to the gulags with you.

3/7/2018 9:20:45 PM


Someone's wrong.

I can sleep safe at night, knowing that the above of the Royal Navy, RAF & Bundeswehr Luftwaffe are the risk takers. The best humanity has to offer.

Veteran of WWII, Korea & Vietnam Gen. Chuck Yeager agrees...:

...don't bother him about it.

3/7/2018 10:43:51 PM

Doubting Thomas

This is why no women have ever been military officers.

3/8/2018 7:45:36 AM


"They're all cowards."

You mean cowards like these?:

Elliot Roger, Marc Lepine, George Sodini, Chris Harper-Mercer, Jared Loughner, James Holmes, George Hennard, Seung-Hui Cho, Adam Lanza, Nicholas Cruz, etc., etc., etc.

They were all wimps. They thought they were always the "victims". They were victims of their own mental illnesses, not society. They were missing the (mental) sharpness that would help them succeed. Their answer was to punish the brave, the confident, the innocent. The best humanity had to offer were their targets and were slaughtered by these wimpy cowards who couldn't own their own shit.

Fuck you.

3/8/2018 3:45:14 PM

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