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Yes I've noticed this about White Liberals. Many of those people are "Liberals" but have no association with the Ghetto. Not only in terms of education but living. Many people live in the "Country" or rural areas but still be Liberals.

That's because these people only act like Liberals but in reality share our racial views. The difference is we admit being White Nationalist. The White Liberals are pretty much cowards and afraid of being Politically Incorrect and being called a Racist.

That must change because America's changing. The White Race will be a minority in the US in only a few years. I'm not talking about White Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians, National Socialists, Socialists, Moderates, Communists, Normies, and White Christians. I'm talking about WHITE PEOPLE. We're all in it together. WPWW !

WhiteCSA, Stormfront 8 Comments [3/10/2018 1:17:39 PM]
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Doubting Thomas

The White Race will be a minority in the US in only a few years.

Big fucking deal. Who cares? Besides you racists, that is...

3/12/2018 7:45:18 AM


What? The reverse is true. People living in city areas are more likely liberal and people living in rual areas are more likely conservative.

3/12/2018 9:35:50 AM


"And I can tell you all about these places I've never seen from my command post here in Mommy's basement."

3/12/2018 11:36:46 AM



@Doubting Thomas

The White Race will be a minority in the US in only a few years

Big fucking deal. Who cares?

...and as this particular Keyboard Klanner has admitted to being an incel manbaby: via that word used by them, they'll never be able to reproduce to ensure even minority levels of their so-called 'race'. So who cares indeed.

This quote alone speaks volumes of the Alt-Shite: certainly what they've been reduced to since Charlottesville. [/Chrissy 'Crying Nazi' Cantdoverywell, Shateau Fartiste, VD]

3/12/2018 3:43:48 PM

Citizen Justin

Justin here calling from Tunbridge Wells, England... no I don't share your 'racial views', fuckwit.

3/13/2018 10:23:22 AM

Yeah here's the thing: largely liberal populations, when shaping local politics over long periods of time, tend to try to prevent institutional wealth gaps that result in the creation of low-income ghettos in the first place.

It's cute you imagine everyone is secretly like you, but honestly I think that just makes your lack of identity all the sadder.

It's funny to me that these idiots seem to have the idea in their heads that liberals are primarily rich idiots who don't interact with the working class somehow but if they're associating long-standing liberal politics with wealth they're failing to take into account that those same politics just might have something to do with the local economy being what it is.

3/13/2018 3:48:14 PM


Dude, nobody wants to live in the ghetto, including people who currently live in the ghetto. This isn't because of its racial makeup, but because generational poverty has led to its infrastructure being severely underfunded.

However, middle-class (white) liberals are moving to those areas in droves in many US cities as a result of gentrification: The effects of the latter are hotly debated, but the racial makeup of these neighborhoods isn't deterring liberals from moving there if they think that there's a chance to improve its economy.

3/14/2018 12:05:44 PM


I'm talking about WHITE PEOPLE. We're all in it together.

This white person ain't in jack-shit together with the likes of you, buddy.

3/17/2018 6:49:20 AM

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