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“Unwanted sexual advance” is an oxymoron. How’s a man supposed to know he’s sexually unwanted if he doesn’t advance? The advancing is necessary to find out if it’s unwanted. PoundMeToo

CH, Chateau Heartiste 6 Comments [3/8/2018 12:31:09 AM]
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Doubting Thomas

It's called reading social cues and taking no for an answer. It's also called not groping women out of the blue and expecting them to like it.

3/8/2018 7:39:21 AM

Rob aka Mediancat

The first sexual advance, assuming it's made in a reasonably civil manner, isn't likely to get you in trouble no matter how unwanted it is, assuming the person targeted hasn't already made its unwantedness clear. But once it IS clear that the answer is no? That's going to get you in trouble.

And well it should.

3/8/2018 9:03:07 AM


"“Unwanted sexual advance” is an oxymoron."
Um, no. Not 'oxymoron.' That's not what the word means. You fail grammar. There're no contradictory ideas in the phrase. You want some other label.

I mean, even if the rest of your argument wasn't utter horseshit, you'd need a different label.

3/8/2018 9:56:48 AM


Go ahead, make that move. Verbally.

3/8/2018 11:14:56 AM


Ok, I will attempt to explain things to you dim bulbs one more time using small words and pictures.

Asking a woman if she would like to go to dinner or telling her that you find her attractive and would be interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with her is unlikely to get you into trouble as long as a. you are not in an obvious no-go position such as having power over her and b. you accept whatever response she gives you gracefully.

Touch someone without their permission or asking a woman if she wants to fuck will have us reaching for the rusty grapefruit spoon.

Is that really so hard for you understand? Does it offend your manly sensibilities that women do not enjoy being dry humped by random men?

3/8/2018 12:37:20 PM

The Crimson Ghost

Here's some advice, cocksucker- assume your advances are unwanted. I assume that mine would be; I'm sure no man would want me to sidle up to him & start fondling his junk. Why would any man assume that a woman would be ok with being randomly groped?!

I think CH is just bitter that no one will touch him, in any capacity. If she does, it's a cash only transaction. Hey CH, Stormy Daniels is available! She clearly has low standards. Give it a shot. What do you have to lose?

3/8/2018 1:37:46 PM

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