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Last week Tucker Carlson had Mark Steyn on for a segment about the trans boy* who won the Texas state championship for girls high school wrestling. In the discussion Steyn stated that this has ruined the girl’s state wrestling championship.


This had me wondering just how long girls high school wrestling has been around. Carlson and Steyn are also talking about a broader issue, but with regard to girls wrestling in specific it struck me that there is a very narrow “progressive” window for what the two conservatives are mourning. A society has to reject traditional sex roles enough to encourage girls to wrestle, but it has to be traditional enough to not yet embrace transsexualism. Girls wrestling is a sort of Goldilocks phenomenon. It can only occur for a short window when everything is just right.

With this in mind, I set out to learn how long there has been a girls wrestling championship for trans wrestlers to ruin. How long is the girls wrestling Goldilocks window? It turns out that only six states in the US currently have state championships for girls wrestling, and that Texas has the second oldest:


Twenty years ago when Hawaii created the first girls wrestling state championship the conservative argument would have been that girls shouldn’t be wrestling. Today the conservative argument is that trans wrestlers shouldn’t ruin girls wrestling. This puts the observed outer limit of this Goldilocks zone at twenty years, but most states today still don’t have a girls wrestling state championship, and half of the states that do have one have had one for less than ten years.

*A girl taking hormones to transition to a boy.

Dalrock, Dalrock 3 Comments [3/10/2018 11:08:18 AM]
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So, your point, bub?

If said boy identifies as such and is on the therapy, then he definitely should compete with other boys, at least in my book it`s only logical.

3/10/2018 11:43:37 AM

Doubting Thomas

I've vaguely heard about this incident, and if it's a FTM transformation why is he wrestling girls? If he identifies as male shouldn't he be on the boys' wrestling team? Or is it really MTF?

3/12/2018 8:06:08 AM


Why would there only be a window for a short amount of time?

My female cousin wrestled in high school and her dad couldn't have been more proud. They bonded over it.

3/13/2018 7:29:42 AM

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