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(a few months old but the way it goes from zero to fundie to creepy has me wanting to submit it)

Homosexual activities can lead to drug use, depression, stds and stis as worse as aids, the dissolvement of the normal family, degeneracy, and the death of races. You see homosexuality is fine to a certain extent bisexuals are fine however full on gays have a few screws loose. Another thing is their supposed "oppression" the only reason why they think this is most likely due to their sensitivity which reaches levels of crying and depression because someone criticizes their lifestyle and even disregarding fact and research to move their agenda. Another thing is that despite multiple claims they are not natural seeing as how it is all psychological or caused by experiences as a child which influence a lot of different fetishes for and example my sister would leave her stocking lying around and now I find stockings kinda hot.

Russian Federation white ethnostate, nationstates 18 Comments [3/12/2018 3:28:29 AM]
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... Wow.

3/12/2018 4:35:54 AM

Doubting Thomas

So... someone being totally gay is icky, but bi is kinda cool, and getting off on your sister's clothes is totally hawt. And we're to trust you to be the sexual morality police?

3/12/2018 5:52:49 AM


we're to trust you to be the sexual morality police?

Having an any kind of morality police would come with the clear and present danger of its officers enforcing their own personal morality, even if that doesn't match the morality they're officially supposed to enforce.

3/12/2018 6:45:41 AM

Thinking Allowed

...and example my sister would leave her stocking lying around and now I find stockings kinda hot.

Sounds like to me that you're the sick and twisted one.

3/12/2018 6:53:35 AM


Gays are degenerate and crazy and you're going to criticize their "life style", but their oppression is entirely imaginary?

Mmm, let me get this straight. Bisexuals are fine, so does sex with a woman erase sex with a man? Do you have to alternate to get the full therapeutic benefits?

3/12/2018 6:55:15 AM


How the fuck do "homosexual activities" lead to "the death of races"? Also, "as worse as aids"??? Not only is that atrocious grammar, is there any STD that's as bad as, or worse than AIDS?

3/12/2018 7:07:51 AM


Being in love with someone of the same gender leads to drug use and depression? And loving someone of the opposite gender does not?

as worse as? That's a new one.

Being adulterous to your first wife with your second wife, and to your second wife with your third wife, and to you third wife with at least one porn-star, that's what leads to the dissolvement of the normal family.

Homosexuals and bisexuals are not the same thing, silly-nilly.

The "only reason" they think they are oppressed is that they are persecuted, beaten up, subjected to "corrective rape", deprived of human rights, and murdered, all because of their sexual orientation. Yeah, they are the sensitive ones...

The agenda is only to acquire equal human rights with heterosexuals.

As homosexuality can be found in many different species, all over the world, it's definitely natural

Now you're the one disregarding fact and research to move your agenda, dolt. There is no correlation between child molestations and homosexuality, and homosexuality is just as "psychological" as heterosexuality is.

You find your sister kinda hot?
My younger brothers used to leave Lego pieces lying around. I do not find Lego pieces hot, I find them painful to step on.

3/12/2018 7:41:58 AM


I guess we now know why Vlad Putain has had to use Polonium & nerve agent against those who were like him: spies.

What he knew about other countries' politicians: and use that against them.

And what others knew about him.

Even Stevie Wonder can see who was responsible for what happened in Britain a week or so ago.

Putain's hatred of homosexuality being a method of deflection from something infinitely worse being the least of his problems.


So homosexuality is 'degenerate', yet no doubt the OP wouldn't think that there was anything remotely... 'off' about the above photos. As per those in the US, the Alt-Shite are the real degenerates.

3/12/2018 7:48:08 AM


What's with this obsession with reproduction? "Gays are yucky because they can't reproduce" is really stupid due to the fact that they're a minority and there's over 7.5 BILLION PEOPLE ON THE PLANET!

Also; This guy's train of thought (I agree with all of you) is weird....

"Gays are gross....Bis are okay (sorta)....Gays are depressed because people are mean to them (but we won't stop being mean because we're jerks)....being sensitive, showing emotions and empathetic is Satan....I have a weird fetish for my sister's socks."

That last bit with the socks really comes outta left field.

So is this guy sockosexual or into incest? How's that better than being gay?

Homophobes are weird.

The first photo is *meh* to me (photo op with a kid) but the second one with the tummy-razzies is disturbing.

For all his macho-posturing, Martial Arts adeptness, KGB past and Blofeld-esque supervillainy, I always thought he looked like a complete dweeb with no chin who's stereotypically gayer than a Tom-Boy video.

He looks like Blofeld a bit. He needs a grey Nehru suit, a scar and a kitty cat (except he'd choose a more macho kitteh like a baby tiger or something).

Basically he's a weird "Armored Closet Gay" Ernst Stavro Blofeld/Dobby the House Elf/Frank Gorshin's Riddler hybrid with no chin.

3/12/2018 8:41:22 AM

The Crimson Ghost

I've long suspected that Donald's jiggly breasted, abusive boyfriend is in the closet, those pics just confirm it. I have to agree with Spuki- he's also as ugly as a pile of garbage sitting in the July sun. He also seems to suffer from "short man syndrome". He only is where he is because he's shameless. But he won't live forever, & there's no guarantee that whatever replaces him will be as competent. Then we get to watch Russia collapse & fall on its face again, which, assuming we survive this orange tinted disaster, will be doubly sweet. The only thing that would be better than that would be to watch Donald be frog marched outta the WH in cuffs, with his whore & his revolting spawn slinking behind him, heads down, followed by Russia collapsing into the huge disorganized mess that we all know it to be.

3/12/2018 9:52:53 AM


Yeah, can`t wait for you all shitheads to die off and your ghost of a country to be finally annexed by China. Good riddance.

3/12/2018 10:20:25 AM

Incest seems common in homophobes. Amongst other issues

3/12/2018 11:02:43 AM


Is Novichok a fairytale, Vlad? Because as the above pics prove: your denials are.

The only circus show is in the Kremlin: and you're the clown.

Someone forgot about a little place here in Britain called Porton Down. Especially the fact that it's one of the most advanced Bioweapons/materials research/analysis facilities on the planet.

They've certainly done their job well. And so fast in identifying this particular biotoxic weapon.

Stevie Wonder can see that Alexander Litvinenko's assassination via Polonium was to silence what he could reveal about Putain. What happened last week to Sergei Skripal & his daughter makes it even more fucking obvious that Putain might as well swap residences from the Kremlin to a 'Red October'-esque Typhoon-class sub - like the Akula - in a certain river in Egypt.

@The Crimson Ghost

He also seems to suffer from "short man syndrome"

Even the Soviet 'Iron Man' comes up rather short against Le Makron.

I for one welcome our new Strogg overlords. [/"Quake IV"]

3/12/2018 1:59:16 PM

The Crimson Ghost

@ Moose-kun- Maybe he could call up Stallone for some tips on how to cope with being a tiny, impotent little man in this big, bad world, surrounded by men who are taller than him. Or maybe he digs that; perhaps Vlad is a bottom.

What would happen to Donnie Dinky Digits if Russia & his sugar daddy were to go belly up? Would he do the noble thing & eat a bullet, or would he try to sucker some other country? Although I can't imagine what country could possibly full of enough morons in government to have anything to do with him, the US notwithstanding. I also wonder how he would react if he were to be informed that 75% of the world's population wants his head on a pike.

*I mean no disrespect to any gay people.*

3/13/2018 9:29:41 AM


@The Crimson Ghost

*I mean no disrespect to any gay people.*

Don't worry. None was perceived. I welcome gay jokes against LGBTQ-hating homophobic closeted-Gay buttheads!

If Jabba's mouth is V-Poo's "cock-holster" (as Stephen Colbert stated beautifully in one of his most epic 'Reason You Suck Speeches' to the Orange blob) then it is the Gayest & the Cockiest! COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOOOOOOO!

Now I need REALLY EPIC Brain Bleach for that Jabba/V-Poo Yaoi image in my head....yuck!....

....I feel better, now.

3/13/2018 10:23:41 AM


We're talking about 2% of the population. Two fucking percent of the population. I'm far more concerned about the 16% or so of the population than has an IQ under 85.

3/13/2018 5:01:44 PM


@The Crimson Ghost

So Vlad 'Blofeld' Putain barely several hours ago - after a certain deadline ran out - basically told Theresa May Not that 'You don't threaten a nuclear power'.

That's not a denial, then.

Especially as the creator of Novichok: in Soviet era Russia, now lives in the US. Y'can bet yer Faberge Eggs that there'll be extra FBI/CIA protection around his house: if he hasn't already been secreted away to a place of safety: and in secret.

Even before this incident, experts had been saying that Putain was basically wanting another Cold War: particularly before the elections there, and to 'bolster' his support; also his 'image'. Well, mayhaps he's gonna learn why the saying 'Be careful what you wish for' exists.

Because in Soviet Russia, countries interfere with you.

Because of what Skripal could reveal about you, Vladdy-boy? You a mere officer in the KGB: and Sergei in the GRU: Military Intelligence.

GRU: Main Intelligence Directorate.

On 29 December 2016, the White House sanctioned the nine entities and individuals, including the GRU and the Federal Security Service (FSB), for their alleged activities to disrupt and spread disinformation during the 2016 US presidential election

PROTIP: And that - before 20th January 2017 - on the previous president's watch. So was the Secretary of State fired for that, Donnie...?!

The best thing would be to ensure Novichok's creator's safety, and for what he knows: certainly for the safety of Americans, seeing as that specifically targeted attack on Skripal also affected innocent British people. Including a police officer. Especially if the NSA were to do so without a certain someone's knowledge. If that someone has any knowledge. Rex Tillerson blamed Russia for what happened here in Britain before the official declaration in Parliament barely a couple of days ago: thus said ultimatum which ran out hours ago. Strange that said someone agreed with who is now his former Secretary of State.

After he'd fired him.

A short-arsed oligarch with Tsarist ideas above his station making threats when caught ordering a botched - and blatantly obvious - state-sanctioned murder. A Dead Woman Walking. A Moron.

This is what Conservatism does for ya, folks. With what's happening right now, the Democrats in the US & Labour here in the UK must barely believe their luck.

As if the Alt-Shite eating each other isn't enough, their 'Meme' Leaders are becoming too much of a joke.

Did you see we liberals reduced to 'Memes' between 2008 - 2016? Since then, the jokes just write themselves.


Including the above.

3/13/2018 6:16:17 PM

The Crimson Ghost

@ Moose-kun- Of course Vlad wants to re-build his image & all that crap. Before it came out that he was involved in a consensual relationship with a certain fat orange coward, all he was famous for was being short, looking like an elf & shooting passenger jets down. I know that he's loving all the chaos, but I don't know why he hasn't figured out that all the chaos he's created will not save Mother Russia, nor will the Cold War 2.0. Russia is simply too big & disorganized, & installing a fucking idiot in the WH will not change that. Mr. Crimson Ghost thinks that he has no end game, but I don't think that makes sense. Why else would he have gone to such lengths to install a dangerous retard in the WH if he didn't have a goal? No, this mess is all about the money. I think that's why he hasn't released any of the dirt he has on The Orc; it would cause problems for him. And the undeniable fact that he's insane; perhaps he inhaled just enough gas to suffer mild brain damage but not die.

I was a bit surprised when The Orc sacked Drillerson, since I've read that he was essentially hand picked by Vlad himself. Exxon ties & all that. Vlad has got to be losing patience & seeing that he made a less than stellar investment. His short term goal of making a mess has worked, but it won't save his elfin ass in the end, nor will a Rexit.

OT- I hope Stephen Hawking is enjoying his journey. His turbo charged brain will be missed.

3/14/2018 9:14:37 AM

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