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was a pretty cool run.... until you said your gay stupid faggot fuck you ruined everything.?

BoysGoneViral, YouTube 10 Comments [3/13/2018 11:14:09 AM]
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Not really fundie. just offensive.

3/13/2018 12:34:04 PM

Was a pretty cool post until your stupid homophobia ruined everything

3/13/2018 1:01:35 PM

Thinking Allowed

When you say cool run, are you talking about that horrific run-on sentence you posted?

3/13/2018 1:03:11 PM


Uh...punctuate that sentence and get back to us, OK?

3/13/2018 1:19:16 PM


Clicked the link. Here's the context....

The guy in the video is doing a "Let's Play" of a Mario game and totally "killing" it.

The OP is saying that the play was super-awesome until the guy in the video mentioned he was gay.

At least that's what I think. I haven't watched the whole thing.

3/13/2018 1:59:09 PM


Submitter here.

Spuki is right. The video is of somebody doing a speedrun of the game Super Mario 64. The person currently holds the record for beating it in the fastest amount of time, by the way. BoysGoneViral doesn't like that the person playing it is openly gay.

3/13/2018 4:08:45 PM

Doubting Thomas

Unless it's heterosexual porn, being gay doesn't ruin anything.

3/14/2018 6:18:40 AM

Thinking Allowed

Wait...his username is "BoysGoneViral"?

3/15/2018 12:30:06 AM


As if the players' sexuality makes a difference.

'Smatter: he could do a speedrun of "DOOM IV" - in Ultra-Violence mode - in 1.5 hours*: and you'd be taken out by the first Imp you encountered?!

*- The full campaign takes at least 13 hours to complete. I've seen someone finish the game 'Quake Done Quick'-esque - from sarcophagus to final 'Glory Kill' of the Spider Mastermind via the BFG-9000 - in just 1 hour 19 mins.

3/15/2018 12:40:52 AM


The only time a person's sexual orientation matters, is if/when you want to have a sexual relationship with the person.

Was the run so cool that you got aroused, BGV dearie? And then you found out that the person was not leaning your way?
Though, that doesn't really fit, as it sounds like the person is a guy and you are a guy. What's the problem?

Perhaps this is your problem:

3/15/2018 1:49:29 AM

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