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what do you mean everyone else is immigrants an immigrant is someone who moves from one country to another country and if European settlers never colonized north America it would have never have turned into a great nation so how could we be immigrants. There is a difference between migrating a country and just stepping on a land full of nothing but pot smoking redskinned feather heads. Read a book or 2 my friend?

Jaybenn Augustine, YouTube 15 Comments [3/13/2018 11:14:28 AM]
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if European settlers never colonized north America it would have never have turned into a great nation

And by 'great' you mean 'white', JA?

3/13/2018 11:49:00 AM

Philbert McAdamia

Yeah, there were only Redskins, Injuns and Blanket Asses all over the place, in the way,
not digging oil, making cars, forming banks and real estate offices, mowing down the forests.
No humans at all.

3/13/2018 12:47:25 PM

The books I read did not show the European colonists in a good light

3/13/2018 12:58:54 PM

Thinking Allowed

Um...correct me if I'm wrong, but seeing how someone else was here first, that does make us immigrants.

3/13/2018 1:00:00 PM


If Europeans had never come to this continent, they wouldn't have been immigrants. Unless, of course, they went from place to place seeking employment, religious liberty, land, or safety, as the dregs of humanity wandered from one country to another and one wretched existence to another. A good many places have been "great nations" at one time. What's more, they've done it without any meaningful contribution from Jaybenn.

3/13/2018 1:18:05 PM


My paternal great-great grandparents immigrated from England. My maternal ancestors have immigrated in the early years of the colonies.

Americans are descended from immigrants, you moron.

3/13/2018 1:28:08 PM


WELL! Here we go....

Southern Canada along with the South and Midwest of the USA!


From the State of Florida!

And here's....

....From the Southwest of the good ol' US of A.

And here's....

....Mexico and Central America

And now....

....From South America!



3/13/2018 1:41:36 PM

Churchy LaFemme

So, you figure no one who came to North America before 1776 was an immigrant because they didn't move to a country, only a colony? Just out of curiosity, when did your ancestors show up in the US?

3/13/2018 2:00:44 PM


stepping on a land full of nothing but pot smoking redskinned feather heads

I remember hearing the exact same reasoning from an Apartheid supporter back in the day: "the kaffirs just sit around waiting for the food to fall out of the trees, they don't deserve the land, we had to take it".

3/13/2018 3:21:31 PM


Honey, YOU ought to read more books, so you learned proper punctuation, as you apparently failed to learn that in school.

Humans emerged in Africa. Everywhere else in the world, we are immigrants. ESPECIALLY in Europe, which was covered in ice a mere 12 thousand years ago or so. No-one lived here then.

North America is not A nation, it's three nations. There were people living there before European invaders came over; many great nations, all over the continent.

It's the colonization, the persecution, the genocides, the stealing of lands, the discrimination that turned the "redskinned feather heads" from proud warriors and the ones keeping the "settlers" alive during the first decades, to "pot smoking redskinned feather heads", you blithering idiot.

You clearly wouldn't recognize a book even if someone beat you over the head with it, dolt.

I have read a book or two, or perhaps two thousand. Hubby and me turned our supposed dining room into a library.

3/13/2018 3:53:50 PM



3/13/2018 5:04:02 PM


Question: Did Elvis Presley's manager have the right to live in America?

And Col. Tom Parker was white.

The one he solely represented at least had Cherokee ancestry, so one of them had more right to.

3/13/2018 5:31:49 PM

According to Jaybenn, Justin Bieber and One Direction are American - but Barack Obama, Will Smith, and Black Eyed Peas (except maybe Fergie) are not.

3/14/2018 4:17:39 AM

Doubting Thomas

There's also a difference from migrating to another country and committing widescale genocide on the native peoples of the continent you just colonized.

3/14/2018 6:15:15 AM

Token Atheist

While I don't rally care, I have relatives that are really into geneology. I can trace my U.S. lineage all of the way back to the Mayflower (which isn't really that impressive, given how many decendents they have by now). Everyone on either side has been on the continent for at least a couple hundred years now, though all started in Europe at some point. It's not uncommon for that to have happened in Appalachia, as it was just hard to get here in the first place and a lot of families stayed close once they settled in the mountains. Most of my family goes back many, many generations without anyone from outside a small geographic area marrying. That changed with my generation starting with own marriage in 1997 and continued with many of my cousins. For whatever reason, we in Gen X and Y all wound up scattering to the winds, or at least marrying someone from out of state before returning. I think even the pilgrims would be surprised to learn that they were not immigrants of some variety.

3/14/2018 9:43:39 AM

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