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being attracted to men is a constant nightmare.

#personal #about me #men #bisexuality #heterosexuality #it's gross and i hate it

bellamyblakesbeard, Tumblr 9 Comments [4/15/2018 6:13:07 AM]
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I dunno. Considering how most of the Anglosphere treats gay people, I've heard a lot of them envy bi people.

4/15/2018 6:52:38 AM

Just Along For The Ride

If it's a constant nightmare, may I suggest that you're not as attracted to them as you say?

4/15/2018 7:27:44 AM


What the horny bit of your brain likes can easily be at odds with what the rational or emotional conscious parts of you want.
All you can do is try to not feel ashamed or hate yourself for it.

4/15/2018 9:12:44 AM


May I suggest not engaging in it then? I mean if it`s such a nightmare...

4/15/2018 12:03:17 PM

Hu’s On First

Is this person male or female? I’m getting a radfem vibe from this quote, but maybe I’m wrong.

4/15/2018 1:10:43 PM


@Hu's On First:


4/15/2018 1:32:15 PM

Citizen Justin

I've heard this from radfems before.

What Quasirodent says: they're like self-hating closet cases.

4/15/2018 2:36:55 PM


Meh. What Quasirodent says: horny bits=/=rational or emotional conscious bits.

4/16/2018 4:44:01 PM

Doubting Thomas

Well if you're bisexual then just focus on women.

4/17/2018 6:48:20 AM

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