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I agree that radical feminism isn't the only reason why men and women are drifting apart, but it certainly isn't helping. Right now there are very few intellectuals trying to constructively solve the problem of the male-female divide. Instead radfems are doubling down on their rhetoric disguised as discourse and ultraconservatives are dragging out the corpses of dead patriarchal movements. The two feed off each other

You're in accord with the chick who wrote the paper! You think she likes fat obnoxious dykes any more than you do?

I don't know what her opinions about obnoxious dykes are, I do know that someone who is still bleating about patriarchy in the West is seriously behind the times. The only ones who even care about enacting patriarchy are people reacting to feminist overreach.

Creepy rapists on tinder and in positions of power do not constitute a patriarchy, it's a completely different phenomenon that right now feminists are failing to apprehend and discuss intelligently, hence why they continue to alienate the masses of men who actually do care about women

Anonymous, /mlp/ 1 Comments [4/14/2018 9:59:50 AM]
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Am I missing something? This doesn't feel fundy, it seems relatively middle of the road and I kinda agree with it.

4/15/2018 7:19:28 AM

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