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His mom needs to turn off his internet and make him get a job.

Grow the hell up Chris, you miserable neet. The farms never targeted anybody who didn't deserve it.

vaporwave baphomet, Kiwi Farms 4 Comments [4/14/2018 10:01:07 AM]
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The farms never targeted anybody who didn't deserve it.

'Deserve it' as in 'the targeters want to target SOMEONE for the targeting's own sake'?

4/14/2018 10:47:39 AM

4/14/2018 12:28:37 PM

Citizen Justin

The Chris that this is addressed to isn't Chris-chan, which is who I first thought of when I saw this.

However, since I am not familiar with who Kiwi Farms does or does not target, Chris-chan is the only example I know of. And while Chris-chan's humiliation and harassment were inevitable given the character of the internet in general and the human condition, whether (s)he actually deserved it is very debatable.

4/14/2018 8:07:50 PM

@Citizen Justin
Kiwifarms wasn't even around at the time Chris-Chan really got hardcore trolled. It popped up towards the end of that whole run. Chris-chan didn't deserve a lot of what happened there, but there is an argument to be made if he acted differently or listened to friendly advice things would have went very differently.

As for who KF 'targets' it's mostly controversial internet people or people who go out of their way to rage at people trolling them like how CWC did way back when.

6/30/2018 3:12:48 AM

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