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And he still won’t get laid.

But I wager full-fledged homosexuality is on the way. I’ve never known a man who remained bisexual for more than a year.

Vendetta, Kiwi Farms 11 Comments [4/14/2018 11:01:57 AM]
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Happy Atheist

Alan Cumming. He's had a wife and a husband and, marvel of marvels, is still bi.

4/14/2018 11:44:14 AM

Man Called True

My best friend. In his honor, fuck yourself, Vendetta.

4/14/2018 1:59:02 PM


Former BBC Radio 1 presenters Mark and Lard. The latter being Bi.

As the former would say to the latter: 'Stop... Carry On!'

And unlike Fat Harry White, you still won't get laid.

4/14/2018 3:12:48 PM


I am, and my boyfriend of 11 years is so...you be wrong.

4/14/2018 5:08:35 PM


I'm pansexual, which is "pretty much the same thing" to anti-LGBT types. Going on... since puberty, so 25 years. Although I'm also genderqueer (assigned male at birth), which people like Vendetta also deny exists.

Ugh. I thought bi-erasure went out of fashion in the early 2000s?

4/14/2018 5:40:52 PM

How many bi sexuals do you know?

4/14/2018 6:47:07 PM



For bi men, it's never gone out of fashion.

4/14/2018 9:05:32 PM

Thinking Allowed

Funny how they think men can't remain bisexual but no mention of women.

4/14/2018 9:43:34 PM


Have you known a woman who remained bisexual for more than a year, Vendy? Perhaps the people who know you pretend to not like your gender in your company...

4/15/2018 2:57:41 AM


All women are 1000% bisexual. Or asexual. Depending on what they need to be for the sake of an argument. But either way, they need to fuck every man who demands. Or no man except their husband, and they must marry ASAP and never divorce. Depending on what they need to be for the sake of the argument. Men, meanwhile, are always either straight or gay. They're also worthless excuses of human beings if they don't have sex with as many women as possible and zero men. Nonbinary and trans people don't exist, shut up.

4/16/2018 1:27:22 PM

Do you even know any bi sexuals?

4/16/2018 1:44:15 PM

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