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Asylum is not gender neutral: the refugee crisis in Europe from a feminist perspective

What do you guys think about sex-based refugee policy? I recently participated in a panel discussion about violence against women, and one of the panelists mentioned the need for a refugee policy that favors women and children due to them being vulnerable populations.

I think it is also an interesting discussion in the context of the US, because we have many migrants (mainly women and children) who are escaping gang violence in Central America.

Should we prioritize asylum applications based on sex? How can we work as an international community to help women in conflict zones?

This is one of the few scenarios in which American men (in my experience) will actually acknowledge that this is a security issue for these women, and that their and their children's safety comes before that of single, able-bodied men. Though I cannot help but wonder if this mentality comes out of racism towards those men rather than a genuine concern for those women.

I 100% support allowing women and children in but not men. Wars are problems created for men, by men, and I have a hard time mustering up any sympathy for them.

I see this is marked as controversial, but we should be able to discuss male violence here, surely? I'm not a US native and come from a machismo culture, and that culture is here in the states where my fellow immigrants are but some of it is sanded down a generation later by the impact of US culture on us immigrants. Especially due to the impact (economic) on the women who may be single and working like me. I'm not speaking about traditions, cooking, important cultural or religious festivities because in the US all people are encouraged to keep such traditions, and we do! But that other non-tangible "man" culture (suddenly I can't find words to describe this in English please bear with my rambling), so I understand what you are talking about. Some cultures are more macho violent than others, and if I had a son here in the US today he may be influenced more by my home countries culture than US culture purely due to where I live and the social network we have in this neighbourhood. If some tough gang member types start influencing him as a teen, what can I put against that? Church? I'm personally not religious but my home country and family is very much so, so it would be an easy step to take. But what if the church is where the gang members recruit (don't laugh that has happened) It's something that needs to be addressed but I really don't have an inkling of a solution myself.

Hard. Personally, I suggest cultural adoption.

I mean, the culture of my birth country is rotten. There is not much to save, and there are risks in claiming it- like you said. Why bother keeping it?

So I suggest to drop all traditions/ cooking/important cultural and religious activities, and to replace them by those of the new country - changing religions if necessary. They are not much different anyway.

I know it looks like too much to ask, but I believe it is the best choice to make

Non-immigrant European women produce violent and/or oppressive males too. I'll wait for the defensive moms of sons to attack this post but I'm probably going to wait forever because apparently it's okay to say stuff like this about brown and black people on this sub

Why is it considered acceptable to observe sex-based crime statistics but not race-based ones? Both sex and race are immutable characteristics of birth.

My proposal would be to allow women and children in almost without question (perhaps some screening to make sure we're not admitting cartel lackeys or what-have-you). Once they're settled in, then the women can send for "their" men, which is in direct opposition to how immigration/asylum programs tend to work in practice. Very frequently it's the men who come over first and either send money to their families back home or send for them. In the case of refugees, the way it works in practice strikes me as particularly asinine because women and children are far more vulnerable in war zones and refugee camps than men are. They also run the risk of the door slamming shut after the men arrive and before the men can send for their families, which is happening in Europe as we speak.

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Because Refugees clearly needed to be filtered like they're a bunch of dust.

You. Don't. Treat. These. People. Like. A. Crisis.

4/14/2018 3:00:55 PM

Mix Master Mikaeus

Imagine a bowl of M&Ms...

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