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Chris Williamson, the Labour MP for Derby West, has suggested Conservative supporters are posing on social media as Jeremy Corbyn supporters and then posting antisemitic material.

In an exchange with Conservative MP Nicky Morgan on Sky News, Mr Williamson said: “I have seen evidence of right-wing trolls, who are setting themselves up as pro-Labour, pro-Jeremy Corbyn individuals, on social media, who claim to be Labour supporters, and have then used that platform to make antisemitic, horrible and abusive remarks.”

He then accused Ms Morgan of using the antisemitism crisis as a “political football” before claiming: “The Conservative Party has official links with openly antisemitic political parties in the European Union.

“Antisemitism afflicts the Conservative Party.”

Ms Morgan, the former Conservative Education Secretary, blasted Mr Williamson for his remarks and repeatedly asked him if he backed Ken Livingstone’s expulsion from Labour.

Ms Morgan praised Labour MPs who spoke movingly about their experiences of antisemitism on the British Left at a debate in parliament on Tuesday.

She said: “People need to understand the extraordinary scenes that we have seen, including a truly remarkable speech from Ruth Smeeth.”

Ms Morgan went on to criticise “people giving the Labour MP Luciana Berger a hard time”.

She told Mr Williamson: “Labour members of Bristol West who made the Labour MP Thangam Debbonnaire pass a motion - or wanted to criticise her - for attending a rally about antisemitism in Parliament Square are nothing to do with the right. Call them out.”

At one stage Mr Williamson responded by banging his fist on the table and talking over Ms Morgan and also refered to her as “woman”.

On Monday Mr Williamson spoke at the Stop the War demonstration in Parliament Square and attacked Israel. He also applauded a band a performance on stage in Westminster by a guitar duo who performed a song with lyrics that labelled Israel an "apartheid" state and "a living hell".

Chris Williamson, The Jewish Chronicle 0 Comments [6/6/2018 12:57:58 PM]
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