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[On why churches should reject 501c3 licensing]

The pastor of the church must advocate, promote, and actively encourage race mixing (interracial marriage), which is in violation of the "kind after kind" standard established by God at the creation, if the church has an educational ministry.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 6 Comments [6/6/2018 1:00:41 PM]
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TIL David J. Stewart was racist.

6/6/2018 4:57:00 PM


So your racism isn't just restricted to anti-Semitism, eh Davey-boy...?!

6/6/2018 5:59:21 PM


Looks like Davey is expanding his repertoire, adding some good old racism. As if we needed more proof that he's an utter asshole...

6/7/2018 12:27:38 AM

Dr. Razark

So, a dog and a wolf and a fox and a jackal are all "dog kind", but a white person and a black person are different kinds?

Fuck off.

6/7/2018 5:55:20 AM


Great. Not only does he appear to be linking the concepts of Baraminology and Miscegenation, he also appears to not quite understand either one.

6/7/2018 10:25:47 PM


Do your local klavern misses its Kludd or are you a time-travelling preacher from the Fifties Mississippi?

6/9/2018 1:50:51 PM

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