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The motivating factor with hard leftists is and always has been the yids. All of the "equality for women and gays" stuff is just an attack vector. "Islam" is essentially just arab fascism. And the yids feel more racial affiliation with the arabs than whites (perhaps surprisingly) and promote them as a default position. It is enlightening to realise that despite all of the squabbling over Israel, jews and "muslims" (arab fascists. Yes it is possible for non arabs to be arab fascists) are essentially working together to wipe out whites.

Mikemikev, Stormfront  2 Comments [6/7/2018 1:16:17 PM]
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Mikemikev (Michael Coombs) is a neo-Nazi lolcow. He's been banned from 20+ forums.

He has whole websites that monitor his bizarre online antics:


6/9/2018 11:45:25 AM

Hi Oliver!

6/14/2018 11:09:20 AM

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