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So I'm a LARPer, for those of you that don't know what that is it stands for Live Action Role Playing. Basically it's D&D only you get dressed up in time/theme apparel and use foam weapons (swords staffs etc) to beat on each other with. It's truly a great time and an awesome way to spend time with kids. Since it requires a bit of money (most costumes with weapons will run $150+ per person and that's the very cheap side), imagination, a bit of acting, and basic human decency it's about 99% human that does it... Well my main LARP I go to had a nigger show up to one a couple of months ago. We will call him by his proper name in this story....nigger.

So I see it shuckin and jiving down the path heading up towards our campsite as I'm walking to my car to get something or smoke or whatever, I figure it's just there at another camp site so I just ignore it and go on my way (note EVERYONE else wears something that is period accurate). I come back and see the shitskin planted it's ass by the fire, I walk up to it and say "Who are you??? What are you doing here?" (I asked these questions because they are legit questions for any new character on field, however this was because it was a nigger) it ooked "I beez nigger,I'm a dark elf". At this point I almost start laughing at the irony of a bigger being a dark elf... most dark elfs are humans in black face.... But my character HATES dark elfs (My character is a light knight so that's total opposite of mine). So I say to it "Those are some strange garments for an elf where are you from and where did you get those garments?" (It was in a large white t shirt and some blue sweatpants hanging off it's ass which normally for first timers is fine).

So after giving it a good grilling I said "I'm no longer calling you nigger... you'll be known as darkie from now on by me and my KLAN". I spent the rest of the weekend calling him darkie, making it feel unwanted and uncomfortable to the point it went eeking saying I was being racist and picking on it which they said "It's all in game and this time period being racial is acceptable". Every chance I got I used my most powerful spells on it and would attack it even if it was on my team (keep in mind foam swords so nobody can get hurt). At the end of the game it knew it was unwanted by me (and many others) and hasn't been back since.

Niggernest, Niggermania 2 Comments [6/7/2018 1:34:24 PM]
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Nobody gets to LARP and feel superior to anyone else. Nobody. Lightning bolt!

6/8/2018 7:32:40 AM

So you get into character as a completely intolerable, arrogant, untrustworthy, backstabbing, team-killing, useless millstone that goes out of his way to deserve a kick in the crotch by ruining everything for everyone involved and driving away those that go to incredible lengths to tolerate and be civil to you despite relentless unwarranted hostility... and just run with it the whole way through lying to justify slurs that don't exist in any time period of D&D or D&D clone to stick with what must be a Chotic Evil alignment in a Complete Shithead prestige class except that you also refused to stick to the campaign goals and any respectful rules of play.

... Or for some incomprehensible reason you just want everyone to think you're that much of a raging douchebag.

Do you ever get out of character? If not try applying that kayfabe towards being human.

6/8/2018 12:06:57 PM

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