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I used to be a coddler. Saddened that niggers are left out of STEM and its fun I really tried to convince them that there is something outside their insular "culture".

Several years ago I worked at my college helping people and niggers who struggled with calculus. I know it's really unbelievable but niggers did sometimes show up.

I helped many different niggers, including a nigger who came from the richest communities in America and a nigger from a ghetto where its brother just got killed. However no matter where the niggers are from, they all shared an absolute lack of interest in anything intellectual. For example I encouraged a nigger to go to some physics talk for fun but it was absolutely not interested.

Niggers are stupid which is why none of my attempts to help niggers ever worked. But what is even more appalling than their stupidity is their absence of discipline. Teaching a nigger some knowledge isn't necessarily impossible. However the possibility of that nigger remembering it a week later is not much higher than zero. Hence niggers almost never progress.

P.S. Colleges still passed these niggers anyway..

STEMRealist, Niggermania 1 Comments [6/7/2018 1:35:06 PM]
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Flying Biscuit

And then everybody clapped.

6/10/2018 9:33:49 AM

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