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America is completely Judaized and unable to take direct action against the Jewish oppressors. Jews dominate the media, the movies, the financial and educational systems, and the government, and pour their poisonous pro-Israel propaganda down the throats of American gentiles. Consider the practice of circumcision in America. The Jews created the system where every newborn boy, no matter what religion, is routinely circumcised at birth, IN THE HOSPITAL, unless the baby’s parents specify otherwise.

Most Christian parents are unaware that they have the right to protest, and therefore don’t say anything when doctors — mostly Jews — mutilate their sons’ sexual organs. The Jews have done this so that it is impossible to tell, when looking at a male’s penis, whether he is Jew or Christian. Unlike Europe, where Christians don’t circumcise their male babies, in America virtually ALL male babies are “cut.” This is the Jewish way of protecting their men, because when every male is circumcised, there’s no way of picking out the Jew-boys by pulling down their pants.

Yes, the Jews still have their bloody circumcision rituals, where the “mohel,” or cicumciser, cuts the infant Jew-baby’s penis, then licks the blood off the penis of the screaming boy-child. Kikes love to watch blood and suffering, even of their own kind. But it’s much more enjoyable for the Jews to watch Palestinians suffer and die, so they think nothing of murdering Palestinian nurses and doctors who are trying to help the wounded victims of Israeli aggression.

It’s about time that the gentile world realizes that the Jews are really sadists at heart and act against these Jewish criminals. All Jews are guilty of the murder of Jesus Christ, and they are intent on killing the non-Jews, to usher in the Jewish age of world rule. Christians it’s really up to you, whether you stay or if it’s the Jew!!!

Glory B., Real Jew News 3 Comments [6/7/2018 1:35:55 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Yeah, yeah, we know it's fun taking a bunch of superficial semi-truths, and coming up with explanations which would be over-the-top even if there was actual substance there, and screaming them at everyone in sight. Now please calm down and go to bed, okay?

6/7/2018 10:37:59 PM



Who voted for Donald Fart, again...?!

And all you had to do was vote for Hillary Clinton: who'd been in the cabinet of the previous president who acknowledged that the capital of Israel is Tel Aviv.

...yet, there was one simple solution to your 'problem': King George III, head of the Church of England.

A country where circumcisions are routine only among the Jewish & Muslim communities.

I still have my foreskin, so all you have to do is hand over the keys to the White House to Queen Elizabeth II, Capitol Hill becomes Parliament II, Dollars become Pounds Sterling...

...what, you didn't like the idea of your only possible chance - Britain winning the War of Independence - because you prefer a Republic: where a state religion has no right to exist: yet the state religion in Britain is the reason why circumcision isn't routine here? Tough bloody tits, Glory Hole: or in your case, bloody cock end.

You had your chance.

6/9/2018 12:35:27 PM

The Eternal Frog


A British Royalist?

You guys are just either echo chambering or circle jerking, so it's my sacred duty to piss on the campfire.

The Independence of USA was probably one of the best things in existence. It gave retarded Old Continent something to bitch and cry about ;)

6/11/2018 3:31:24 AM

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