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For anyone who thinks that we cannot do anything because we don't have the numbers - go ahead and read the first couple of chapters in the 2nd volume of Mein Kampf and you will learn that it has been done before. Back then, in the 1920's Germany was essentially under Jewish Communist rule, but our forefathers still managed to assemble a grassroots movement from zero. If you read Mein Kampf carefully, then you will also notice that while the Führer had very harsh words against those politicians and the very aspect of "democracy", he openly welcomed those Marxist workers to attend their rallies because he was confident in his abilities of educating them and freeing them from their Jewish chains.

National Socialism worked because it considered itself to be an ideology - a way how viewing the world - with the clear and strong ambition of uniting all Aryans under its umbrella. It was not by any means a German movement, but merely a White movement - though there were some misconceptions about the role of the Slavs (probably due to the fact that Germany had to expand to the East, thus inevitably coming into conflict with Slavs). What we should take from this today is that we need to consider all of the Aryan people to be our brethren and sisters - including those who are currently deluded and manipulated to act against us. The Jews managed to get Whites fight each other twice in recent history - we must not ever permit this to happen again.

Strategy-wise, moving forward, we absolutely must retake those institutions and positions of power. This long march through the institutions took the Left about 50 years. However, the more I read and learn about recent history, the more I start to realize how scared those behind it were in the beginning. They took tiny little baby steps in the beginning because they knew they'd be up against a strong and powerful resistance should we ever realize what's going on. And the more they weakened us, the more aggressive they became. They also promoted individualism and degeneracy and used people in favor of these to help advance their cause.

Today, we are looking at a very weak and degenerate society - but we are a group of Aryans warriors who have retained the fighting spirit of our ancestors. And our most powerful strength is our ability of turning at least a couple of those Marxists back into Aryan Warriors. I am very confident that we can do our march through the institutions in less than a decade. Our first priority must be a change of culture - politics will come second - we need to push the narrative that it is not only okay to be White but that it is a good and noble cause to stand up for White interests. Most liberals seem to be individualists who more or less just care about their own self-interest - but they're also very social people who like to have an impact on society. So let them have that - a lasting impact on society - we only need to become "the cool kinds on the block" and they can't really turn their back against us anymore.

Even just getting a small number of those liberals to think oh those White Nationalist, they're really cool guys to hang out with and to learn more about - that'd already be quite a shock for the political establishment. For the ballot box - let's completely abolish this idea of the "magic 51%" as that is not only a false salvation but also very detrimental to our cause. Our goal at the ballot box is not to win elections - at least not in the beginning - but to show our ability to deliver a White Bloc Vote.

Let's pick just a few carefully chosen counties with strong White Nationalist candidates and take those in local elections in a landslide. Instead of winning in a large number of such elections, we should focus on getting the highest possible percentages of the White Vote. Getting some 30% nation wide in the popular vote does nothing to our cause - but let's take a few counties with above 95% of the entire White Population, then possibly take an entire state with a strong 80+% majority. Non-Whites have no problems whatsoever doing that and so should we.

Bonus Points - let's go to a slightly larger county with a university and slightly left-leaning population and focus our entire campaign on just that county alone. We will go from door to door, talk to every single person, listen to their concerns and objectives. Our entire election campaign will be focused on just this single area - an area that our enemies will consider to be theirs for their taking. But we won't go there to win this - we won't even go there to win it in a landslide. No, we will go far beyond of what our enemies might possibly imagine in their worst nightmares - our goal is to take this in a decisive victory and deliver a White Bloc Vote - we will aim for nothing less than 90%.

THIS will write history. It may sound like a crazy dream, but it has been done before. Our ancestors have done it before. Our beloved Führer has done it before. If we can take just one single county with a 90% White Bloc Vote, it will be a devastating shock to the establishment. They will not have a single night of easy rest, fearing the entire state might vote above 60% in favor of a White Nationalist candidate. Such a demonstration of power, of us demonstrating that were are capable of delivering a White Bloc Vote, will also have an effect on those big companies because their executives must realize the imminent threat of possibly losing a large number of their customers.

Apart from the voting process in our election system, we also have a strong influence over those companies with our buying power. No company wants to lose revenue and the driving factor behind all those people getting fired for holding "pro-white" (see my comment on that other thread, I put the word into quotes before for me it includes Cicil Nationalists and many of those people fired were in fact Civil Nationalists) views was their worry of losing buying power from "generation snowflake". This will stop as soon as we demonstrated to those companies that not only we will have the stronger buying power in future, but that there's also a market for alternative companies who hire exclusively White Nationalists.

To conclude, let me emphasize that point again that I made earlier - our strongest weapon is our ability of turning Whites who are currently having anti-white views into Aryan Warriors.

For the Love of Our People.

Hail Victory!

Arodion, Stormfront 6 Comments [6/9/2018 2:42:23 PM]
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Back then, in the 1920's Germany was essentially under Jewish Communist rule, but

...the way you subhuman Nazis go on & on about 'Teh Ebil J00z' in the 21st Century, even your precious 'Fuhrer' couldn't do anything about them after the Weimar Republic.

Merkel-era Germany today: never been stronger. Especially with it's Strogg ally Le Makron.

And with your 'Fuhrer' 2.0 recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Shitler might as well not have bothered: so why do you, Aryandumb...?!

6/10/2018 2:21:38 PM

The Eternal Frog



>Merkel-era Germany today: never been stronger.

OK, i could use some figures. Because so far it's on a fast track to Al-Almanistan in a generation when the old guard high tech, engineering capable dies off and we see a mongrelized retarded population mixed with rural whites mentally castrated by liberal education.

>Especially with it's Strogg ally Le Makron.

Ohhh Quake joke! He make a funny, hur hur.

Also Macron is out-Hitlering Le Pen.

6/11/2018 3:28:15 AM


Even just getting a small number of those liberals to think oh those White Nationalist, they're really cool guys to hang out with and to learn more about - that'd already be quite a shock for the political establishment.

Er, yeh. Right.

6/13/2018 5:22:45 AM



Toady likes dictators, yet doesn't want the one elected by the Will of the People in his own country: but loves white Jihadists, thus - as indicated by his posts on Reddit - his wish for anyone not exactly like him to be 'Exterminated'. So what's stopping Tadpole from leaving that Islamic hellhole known as Turkey and moving to France: just like all those Syrian refugees not wanting to live under ISIS's brand of Sharia: instead wanting to live in a secular democratic country based on Rule of Law?

Oh, wait...!



Last week’s phone call between Trump and Macron, in which they spoke about trade and migration, reportedly went south after the French president bluntly criticized Trump’s policies.

The call took place the same day that the U.S. announced it would impose steel and aluminum tariffs on the European Union, Mexico and Canada

Just as a certain book by Fart - "The Fart of the Squeal" - was ghost-written for a certain pig, that orange lardarse read that by the anti-Dale Carnegie: "How To Lose Friends And Alienate People".

...yet his iPhone & MAGA hats are still made in China. His hypocrisy is simply eye watering.

As is yours for wanting anyone not exactly like you exterminated: just like Islamic Jihadists.

White Jihad: and those who want such: the politically impotent. Ergo, the Alt-Shite = Terrorists. National Action in Britain proves that. Toady = Nazis = ISIS.

No Difference.

6/14/2018 8:27:22 AM

Man this kind of stuff gives me goosebumps. Makes you really wonder how many potential second Hitlers there really are out there.

Christ your posts are hard to read.

6/14/2018 11:07:28 AM

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