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The Le Pen party, however, seems to change the name but not the vice. While she tries to credit him as a moderate right-wing government, her parliamentary assistant does not seem to want to help her. "Dirty African", "monkey", would have screamed Davy Rodriguez, number two of the youth sector of the party at the address of a barman in Lille, the city where the congress was held in which it was proposed to change the name of the party in a dialogue and reassuring "Rassemblement national". Dialogante, however, does not seem Rodriguez in a film published by Buzzfeed, and shot with a smartphone Friday, March 9th. In the film we see Rodriguez held at bay by a person, who tells him: "What would you think, Marine, seeing you like that?"; at some point comes out the insult "Negro of shit", and according to witnesses to pronounce it along with others reported by Buzzfeed was Rodriguez, but denies, evoking "cabal policies" and "montages" of the film made by "experts computer technology".

Davy Rodriguez, The Vista Journal 0 Comments [6/12/2018 9:09:40 PM]
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