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Talk about disgusting, I was at the grocery store this morning and, you guessed it, a nigger was behind me in the check out line. This creature looked as if it had some sort of skin (hide) disease with all the tattoos from its face all the way down every visible part of its body. It's actually funny to see a jig-a-boo with black ink over its dark shit colored hide, and the gold teeth rounded out the picture.

Then, the most disgusting part. The spook was buying shrimp and steaks and a big chocolate cake. It whips out a welfare food stamp card and gets all that shit for free. Now, I can only afford sandwich stuff and an occasional salad after working my whole life and trying to live on Social Security and this beast, who had to be around 30 years old, is getting free food that we humans cannot even afford on a good day. It just made me so sick that I couldn't even eat my lunch.

Uncle Coz, Niggermania 4 Comments [6/12/2018 9:10:23 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Cool story, Bro.

6/13/2018 3:34:37 PM


You get like at the most, $6 per day on one of those "welfare food stamp cards." But, still, if you're not an idiot the rest of the time, you can afford to get a few nice things once in a while, like some steaks or something. If "Uncle Coz" here can really "only afford sandwich stuff and an occasional salad," either he's probably qualified for food stamps himself, or if he's not, he really needs to learn how to budget better.

Of course, I'm just going on my own personal knowledge and experience of how it works in Michigan, it might be a little different in other states...

6/13/2018 6:13:05 PM


Nice to see that blatant open racism is still alive and well...

6/14/2018 5:59:34 AM


@ KingOfRhye

If anything, other states are more restrictive than Michigan. Some states control the type of food that you're allowed to buy (so no cake or soda with an EBT card), and others even prevent you from buying hot meals from a deli counter.

6/19/2018 3:06:27 PM

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