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LED Lighting – Stealth Weapon Deployed Around World, Particularly in Major Cities

There are currently 5.7 million LED outdoor lights being installed in the U.S. and more around the world. This white-blue light is also in computers and cell phones. These lights are being mandated under the guise of false science and climate change. The old outdoor lighting did not disrupt sleep patterns or harm our eyes.

The new LED’s/blue rich designs and the harsh glare, increased light flicker rates, create ill health, disrupt circadian rhythms and harm animal life. This is one more component of stealth weapon technology working in conjunction with the ‘smart grid.’

Suzanne Maher, Bye Bye Blue Sky 2 Comments [6/13/2018 12:28:04 PM]
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The fact that it's LED is not a problem. The fact that there's so much outdoor lighting (and in some cases, residual indoor lighting) now is the main issue with sleep cycles. That and some people overusing computers and electronic devices. On the other hand, it's now a much safer world, especially at night, because of this. A tradeoff which some people desperately need and some others desperately don't need.

6/13/2018 3:04:21 PM

Citizen Justin

LEDs use a lot less energy and are thus less costly to run.

Even the toe-rags who deny the effect of humans on global climate change tend towards respecting economic forces.

6/14/2018 5:05:45 AM

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