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So as you know Mike Vogel I guess confirmed that Scootaloo's "aunts" are pretty much dykes.

Honestly I'm not too worried about conservative backlash from right-wing family groups that will bash on Hasbro for this decision (this is kinda inevitable and do expect something like this to happen very soon).

I'm more worried about how the fandom itself will react. Obviously you have the /pol/acks that will scream "muh degeneracy". But a lot of people here will probably fail to take into account are the autistic SJW larps that will see this as some victory for social justice. (Wow, gay characters in a children's toy franchise. How stunning and brave of you. I mean you could help kids in Africa get access to food. But first world problems are more important.) I mean honestly if Hasbro decides to continue with this then eventually this fandom which is already seen as cancer by many will be seen as a stage 4 tumor just like the Steven Universe fandom or the worst case scenario the Rick and Morty fandom because of all the autists that will sperg out and show off how they are such a high IQ "intellectual" for watching a kid's T.V. show about magic equines.

I mean if you're happy that Hasbro is doing this then good for you and more power to you. But the way I see it if Hasbro and the show's staff aren't careful then there's a really good chance they will find themselves in the same awkward position as the freaking writers that work on Rick and Morty.

Anonymous, /mlp/ 3 Comments [7/10/2018 12:08:40 AM]
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Oh, 4chan. Most likely fundie, but with 4chan I can never quite tell if its genuine or cutting one's head off with one's edge.

7/10/2018 1:27:34 AM


You are all a bunch of adult people enjoying cartoons. Let that just sink in. I am also an adult enjoying cartoons but I don`t get all upset when a gay person appears on Family Guy for one. I also do not watch Rick and morty cause of the show`s nihilistic attitude, I`m more than enough down through just living my life, i want my fiction somewhat upbeat.

7/10/2018 9:05:22 AM

Man Called True

@Skide: You probably should be upset when gay characters appear on Family Guy, given that every last gay character I've seen on that show was a horrible, damaging stereotype, but I get what you mean.

7/12/2018 4:24:23 AM

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