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(=This is the way it's actually spelled out=)

P.J. Montgomery: so are you married??? T S!!! male or female...??? attracted to the opposite sex??? to you??? or other???
their is nothing wrong with real brotherly or sisterly love...but it is the lust element...that sullies it??? it is unnatural!!! and bears no off spring???

TS (unami): I am married to the LOVE of my life, my wife. Yes, another woman. And we are both Christians. I do not appreciate anyone calling our love and our marriage the false things that you accuse.

P.J. Montgomery: BUT...I cannot change the truth of God's word!!! and your partnership is NOT a marriage in the eyes of God??? marriage is between one man and one woman??? who are to be fruitful...??? AND FOR YOU and her...TO BE CHRISTIANS...you both must...
be ' born again ' by The Holy Spirit...without water!!! and that can only happen if you both as individuals hear Jesus cry in the gospels...repent and believe the
good news for the kingdom of heaven is here??? and It is not my fault that...you do not appreciate this??? it is your own fault???

P.J Montgomery, Premier 5 Comments [7/11/2018 7:49:11 AM]
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I could comment on the grammar but this guy should do his history. Two words; Sergius and Barcchus.

7/11/2018 8:18:51 AM


What do you mean, you can't change the truth of God's word?

People do that ALL THE TIME! Shift what's plainly written from The Litteral Trooth to a metaphor, or poetic, or local color, or decide that when scripture talks about 'for all time' or 'for the whole world' it means a much more limited application.
People opposed continental drift because scripture said the Earth's foundations don't move. But now, it's only lunatics who declare that to be God's literal truth.

So, decide that homosexuality rules are like slavery...only applicable to the ancient culture. Bingo-bango, you're still a bible believing Christian, but aligned to the new world.

7/11/2018 8:31:17 AM


It's optional, PJ, just like religion is optional. Didn't you get the memo?

7/11/2018 11:41:29 AM


I'm going with T. Prattchet here, everyxone using more than three excalmation points after multiple sentences must be a very deranged individual. Same goes for multiple question marks, which just makes the OP seem very confused.

7/11/2018 2:10:39 PM


Another fanatic, stay out of other people's bedrooms. In the real world, we don't care what your Book of Fairytales says.

7/12/2018 12:56:03 AM

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