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I noticed that every girl ive worked with has had many sex partners or has a boy friend and still flirts with the other co workers. Its been a few so far. Literally they just flirt with the chad workers and try to get with them but meanwhile have a boy freind. All I'm saying here is that if every girl ive spoken to for a long time in person (co workers) is unloyal then i now expect it from the every girl.

Even the most unnattractive girl in the place gets with some very attractive guys its insane. One of them came to the store once and all the other girls were impressed. So think about it this way. If the most unnattractive girl gets with a attractive guy (who has a "serious relationship" with a hottie) then why would the low tier girls ever settle with low tier guys. Even the least slutty of them all who actually has morals and is a christian has had 3 chad boy friends in like 7 months. Funnily shes the one who critisize the other girls while telling me about how all girls these days are low key hoes (shes an instagram model so i trust her source).

She was telling me this and i was like "yeah all the girls who work here are kinda like that too, even you!" I had the evidence to back it up so she just laughed (because its true). Wow gg guys we lost, she just laughed it off because her hoeness is nothing compared to theirs so she didnt mind, what a culture . Tbh i consider some of theseco workers really cute but most of them are very thin and kinda nerdy, so in the eyes of the other guys who are attractive they probably arent considered anything worth their time. Crazy world we live in. Sometimes ill see girls pay for their boy friends in front of chad, i feel like this is a signal that shell drop him in an instant and doesnt need them.

I think the music is one of the main things to blame. All these people dont have morals or religion so they are raised morally by these idol musicians. As you can see the women pop stars are all 100 percent just being slutty. They dress a certain way and the music lyrics are just slutty no doubt. So basically to an average girl they hear this stuff and think "hey i guess this behavior is socially acceptable, i am with it, it lets me feel important". Nobody ever told them that its a bad thing. They just grow up thinking this is the way a women acts. Mind you my co workers are still between 17-19 they are the worst generation.

weak self esteem, incels.me 4 Comments [7/10/2018 10:00:38 AM]
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"I noticed that every girl ive worked with has had many sex partners..."

No, you didn't. None of them discussed their sex lives with you, NONE of them! That's an assumption that you made without any evidence. That's part of the incel mantra, "everybody but poor little me...".

7/10/2018 11:56:47 AM



Being NICE to a person is not always flirting-with-the-intent-to-sexify. It doesn't make the nice women sluts.

A woman's attractiveness is not proportional to her sexual experience.

7/11/2018 4:57:02 AM


Secure men do not care if their woman engages in a little light flirting. Hell mine seemed amused that the flight attendant on a recent flight was flirting with me. When we were at dinner later that day he was all about telling me that he thinks I'm attractive and so did the guy on the plane. Here is something else smart men and women know. Flirting often is a social pleasantry, not on invitation to sex.

7/11/2018 6:35:33 AM



Flirting often is a social pleasantry, not on invitation to sex.

I'm going to be honest here and admit that I don't understand this. I never flirt with anyone I wouldn't want to have sex with, and I can't comprehend why others do.

7/11/2018 7:22:08 PM

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