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Even lesbians admit there's no such thing as a "femcel"

IT blown into the next galaxy

Men are disposable trash

Very True.

This is the cucked world we live in boyos

You guys ever read about the chick who went undercover as a dude and fucking hated it?

And the only thing she liked about being a dude was the camarederie she had with other males that she couldn’t find with her girlfriends

I wish I were gay

Norah Vincent, author of "Self Made Man". She genuinely had to check herself into a mental hospital after living one month as a male. No, I'm not joking.

"She continued her emotional descent, and a week later, checked in to a hospital with severe depression. Identity, she concluded, was not something to play around with."

I couldn't find this in the article, but I remember from her book (bought it used because fuck roasties, even though she lived as a man for a little while she still wasn't blackpilled, just more aware) that the absolute best part was her going on dates.

She essentially said "When I went on dates as a lesbian, I'd get attention and they'd usually go well. When I went on dates as a man, despite being the same exact person personality-wise, the girls would always ignore me, caring more about their phones than me, and treat me with disdain. They'd also rarely ask questions about me as a human being, opting only to ask about my career. I'd also have to pay for everything, or get snarky looks."

It's been done to death and someone on the other side already did a comprehensive post on why it doesn't count because all her experiences are not real and just delusions brought on by her own internalized misogyny.

Funny seeing even women giving out the blackpill, only morons deny it at this point.

It is probably shaking their heads,she's lieing she's lieing it's really a man !! Crys in their soy

So can lesbians be incel?

Normies don't mind the truth as long as it's coming out of the mouth of a woman.

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Pharaoh Bastethotep

How would she know?

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