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Does it matter? We humans are a compassionate lot. We feel empathy for those who suffer in a completely different part of the world, share their pain and often pull resources together to help them out.

Do you think any of us would truly be happy in heaven, knowing there are friends, family or even strangers being subjected to the harsh punishments that 'Hell' is supposedly full of?

Holy books are so full of contradictions and one among them is the fact that the most righteous person is not one who enjoys the riches of heaven, but rather one who sacrifices riches even in the afterlife to reach out and perhaps even trade places with those in hell.

Yeah but people can't just trads places with those that are going to go to Hell!!
They go to Hell for a reason
That reason is that they are full of sin and they were either too stupid to do something about that or they didn't know what to do, (therefore they aren't stupid), but they can't be with God!!
We are full of sin!! If we don't repent and ask Jesus for forgiveness, we can't be with God!!
It's really quite simple!!!
People don't like that answer so they try and make it seem more complicated or more difficult than that and that's just PLAIN STUPID AND a waste of time!! It JUST is!!

Candy Smith, Quora 5 Comments [7/12/2018 2:04:03 AM]
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When I believed, I thought, I was pretty sure, Hell was actually THE test of one's faith.
I didn't believe a real Christian could be happy in Heaven if ANYONE was in Hell.
Eternal torment for finite sin? That was just too obviously a set-up.
I determined I was going to offer to take someone's place in Hell. Because Either my God would say that this was what I was supposed to do, and welcome me to Heaven, or if it turned out that all those people were right, and Hell was real, as they described...

Well, I'd rather NOT hang out with those sadists who were looking forward to watching the torments of everyone who'd pissed them off over the years.
Some people got quite excited, describing their future, reclining on a cloud, looking down, and laughing at the burning atheists and abortionists and democrats and immigrants and communists... shit, man, throw me in the lake of fire. At least there's no hypocrisy in the fire.

7/12/2018 4:11:15 AM


I wonder how these folks would handle Jeus' the Harrowing of Hell story.

7/12/2018 4:53:54 AM


Well, your clear explanation certainly convinced me...er...no it didn't, you brainless twit! What are you, about eleven? And mommy and daddy spoil you rotten? No number of exclamation points can save this stupid post.

7/12/2018 4:56:40 AM


You know, Candy Smith, the more I hear from people like you, the more it makes me hope there is a hell. Because if it's a truly just system, then perhaps there will finally be some retribution for monsters like you, who spend their entire existence gleefully living off the misery of others.

Of course, the punishment should still only be proportionate to the crime, not infinite regardless. So as much as I despise you, I wouldn't want you to be stuck there for an eternity. After all, I'm not a sadistic, selfish monster.

7/12/2018 5:09:27 AM


Boys in Thailand were saved: yet, as they are in a country that is mainly Buddhist, aren't 'Saved'.

The very wet Hell they were saved from.

Either Josh Buggar alone proves that the whole concept of 'Sin' never existed in the first place, or your entire 'Beliefs' are wrong, Candie.

And don't forget: you cannot spell 'Belief' without the word LIE.

Buddhism must be True, then.

7/12/2018 6:57:30 AM

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