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Top 9 vaccine ingredients you would never eat if found in food, so why allow them to be injected into muscle tissue?

#1. Infected African Green Monkey Kidney Vero Cells

#2. Deadly Porcine (Pig) Virus called Circovirus (in highly experimental Rotavirus jab)

#3. Fetal Cells from Human Abortions

#4. Peanut Oil (the main cause of childhood severe peanut allergies)

#5. Latex (some syringes are poked through latex vial stoppers, hence severe childhood latex allergies)

#6. FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye (why do we need vaccines to be colorful?)

#7. Squalene (main cause of auto-immune disorder)

#8. Over 50 Parts Per Million of Mercury (still found in certain flu shots)

#9. Genetically Modified DNA from other Humans (foreign proteins cause unnatural immune reactions)

Sounds like some crazy witch’s brew for turning people into mice, doesn’t it? The theory of working vaccines is that you give a human a tiny weakened strain of an infectious disease, their body builds antibodies to fight it, and the next time the same disease is encountered “in the wild,” that human’s immune system is ready to fight, and better prepared. Sounds great. So why then does “modern science” infuse known neurotoxins into vaccines that cause severe allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock, autism, comas and even death?

Shocking Truth: Modern vaccines are not meant to prevent disease, but to cause long-term disorders that earn Big Pharma a fortune
Yes, we know, you want to believe American medicine isn’t so corrupt, but it is. In the 1960s, vaccine manufacturers had no idea what the heck they were doing at all. Merck scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted on tape that vaccines were spreading disease instead of preventing it. The polio vaccine contained SV40 cancer virus. Other vaccines were being produced using brain tissue from human abortions. Cell cultures from aborted fetuses are STILL used in today’s vaccines, including WI-38 and MRC-5. If you don’t believe it, check the CDC’s own vaccine ingredient web pages right here.

The polio vaccine is a complete hoax and is based on a complete misrepresentation of historical data, that duped over a hundred million Americans. How? The infamous Dr. Jonas Salk (fake hero), removed the kidneys of rhesus monkeys, cut them into tiny pieces, placed them in vials with a nutrient solution and three strains of polio, and then literally rocked the bottles (like a newborn baby) using a mechanical machine. This “incubator” stimulated growth of the virus. The formula was then diluted and weakened with formaldehyde (they call it attenuated today), chilled, and shipped to laboratories around the world. Voila! The amazing useless polio vaccine was invented and the hoax was sold to the world by the CDC.

Guess what? Today, the crooks and freaks at the CDC and Merck use infected African Green monkey kidney cells in the smallpox vaccine. Are you still in denial? Check this FDA page of “vaccines, blood, and biologics” and you’ll find the truth about African Green monkey kidney cells being injected into humans for the sake of “immunity.”

Now check out this video, censored by Facebook, that’s now available at this REAL.video link, featuring Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. of the World Mercury Project, warning America about the epidemic of vaccine-induced degenerative disease.

If the science of vaccines was legitimate, then the mass media would let the science speak for itself. Learn the risks for yourself. The pro-vaccine cult is “anti-science” themselves, knowing the truth about the toxins in vaccines would change millions of minds about what they call “modern medicine.” There are immunization alternatives. Check NaturalPedia.com for more solutions.

S. D. Wells, Natural News 8 Comments [8/6/2018 12:07:13 PM]
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They do let the science of vaccines speak for themselves. They work.

8/6/2018 12:33:18 PM


The writer is presumably too young to remember the days of MY youth, when polio victims were still being placed in iron lungs to breathe for them. The survivors of my age are currently experiencing debilitating symptoms today. Polio was my mother's worst fear when we were kids, and we all got vaccinated as soon as it was available.

How many polio victims were there in your town this year, please?

8/6/2018 2:13:05 PM


"No cure exists for the symptoms, but in the 1950s effective vaccines were developed and have been used around the world since then. This allowed some richer countries to eliminate the disease entirely in the 1960s and 70s. But large outbreaks continued around the world and in the 1980s the estimated global number of total paralytic cases was over 350,000 per year and the disease was still prevalent in 125 countries. As a response the "Global Polio Eradication Initiative" (GPEI) was founded in 1988 to fight the virus's spread and disease burden with a global vaccination campaign. Since then the world has made rapid progress against the disease and until 2016 the number of paralytic cases was reduced by 99.99% with 42 cases in that year worldwide. The latest data on the number of polio cases is always up-to-date here.

As of 2017 the virus remains in circulation in only three countries in the world – Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria – and it is hoped that the disease will soon be eradicated globally."


8/6/2018 5:42:50 PM

Man Called True

Natural News, is there any sort of bullshit your writers WON'T believe in?

8/6/2018 8:45:03 PM

Doubting Thomas

Top 9 vaccine ingredients you would never eat if found in food, so why allow them to be injected into muscle tissue?

Because there's a lot of medicine that you wouldn't want to eat, but it works when injected into you. Stop the scare tactics.

vaccine ingredients you would never eat
#4. Peanut Oil

I've eaten food fried in peanut oil before.

8/7/2018 6:26:24 AM

Doubting Thomas


The survivors of my age are currently experiencing debilitating symptoms today.

That can't be, because part of the anti-vax mantra is whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

8/7/2018 6:28:20 AM

Dr. Razark

"If the science of vaccines was legitimate, then the mass media would let the science speak for itself."

The media does. They do it by not reporting on the vast number of polio and smallpox outbreaks. The ones they don't report on because they no longer happen due to vaccines!

8/7/2018 6:37:04 AM


Many sources: google "polio long term effects".

8/7/2018 8:07:12 AM

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