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According to this article, researchers have been combing the metadata of social media for at least the past 5 years trying hunt down the undiagnosed mentally ill like animals.

Open the article .

Hit "CTRL+F".

In the search prompt, type "consent."

No matches, eh?


Part of social media agreements is that you agree to let them sell your data to the mental health industry. You know, the second largest aggregators of involuntary captives behind the prison industrial complex? Yeah, those guys.

You know, the ones who lock up people who have committed no crime without due process, a trial, the right to presumed innocence, or the right to a lawyer? The ones who target the weak and vulnerable that have suffered the most in society because they lack the capacity to defend themselves? Yeah, those guys.


It gets worse, though.

It ends up the researchers well understand that PTSD sufferers by definition avoid discussing the events that caused their PTSD in medical terms like "depression" or "anxiety" explicitly. So instead, they categorized PTSD suspects by their pronoun use.

Specifically, we examined the following nine
categories: first, second and third person pronouns, swear,
anger, positive emotion, negative emotion, death, and anxiety
words. Second person pronouns were used significantly
less often by PTSD users, while third person pronouns and
words about anxiety were used significantly more often.


You know how you hear these statistics about the "undiagnosed mentally ill" and how 50% of all mentally ill are undiagnosed?

Where do you think they get that number from?

There's only one way: secretly going around and "unofficially" diagnosing people with mental illnesses using social media metadata.

Got in a car wreck? Posted about it? Did you use the wrong fucking pronouns, even though you didn't know what the right ones were?

Congratulations! You're now an undiagnosed mentally ill person! You're going to be targeted for the rest of your life! Eventually, this data will be used against you, probably when you are old and sick, and used to throw you in an assisted living facility which is in every practical way a prison only without the chance of parole and the only way out is through the morgue.

Oh, by the way, I work in the medical industry that throws people in these facilities, and I 100% can confirm this is exactly what is happening. I'm actually downplaying the severity of how bad this is quite a bit. Most people can't even make it out of highschool without being diagnosed with a mental illness and forcibly medicated.

Remember, no one under 18 can give legal consent, meaning anyone you know under 18 recieving ADHD or anxiety medication is technically being forcibly medicated. It's statutory mind rape. Even if they think they're consenting at the time, just like that girl R. Kelly peed on.

This is not some secret knowledge. This is all public access. And to be honest, I don't know "1 weird trick the mental health surveillance industry doesn't want you to know!" either. There's no actual way to defend or protect yourself from this: in fact, the harder you try, the bigger and brighter the red flags on your metadata become because "avoidance" is one of the primary symptoms of PTSD.

I don't want to be right about this. I want someone to come in here and make me look like a totally paranoid idiot. I very much don't want this to be happening.

But it is.

FUNKbrs, Newgrounds 3 Comments [8/7/2018 12:40:01 AM]
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Doubting Thomas

researchers have been combing the metadata of social media for at least the past 5 years trying hunt down the undiagnosed mentally ill

Why would the need to comb through the metadata when they could just read posts to find the mentally ill?

8/7/2018 6:24:13 AM


It actually makes a bit of sense to me to examine pronoun use. I've long thought that gratuitous violence would be reduced if people had a greater one-on-one information about their victims. Contrast these statements:

"I shot at one of those ___." (your group identity of choice)
"I shot at him, the tall guy who works at the gas station and plays the guitar"
"I shot at you."

The more you know about him helps to turn an anonymous face into a real person. Yes, I know, I'm not coming up with any real solution. Call it just a thought experiment. But I think the use of third person pronouns (especially in the plural) might well signal a dissociation from real human interactions.

8/7/2018 8:01:10 AM


"I work in the medical industry ..."

Translation: "take a shitload of street drugs."

8/7/2018 10:09:06 AM

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