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Natives are not one people for starters. They are different nations and tribes and were frequently fighting and sometimes genociding each other before we arrived. Then they died in the millions from disease weakening their cohesion and culture significantly.

Another important note to point out is that natives didn't and many still don't believe in land ownership. They are basically nomadic and this inability to adapt to westerner and easterners that believe in individual rights and land rights was a major major failing. Therefore, the natives were conquered and conquered people don't get their land back (unless of course the jews propagandize them into emotional terrorists and in that case they actually do get some handouts! Whites are often so dominant the only way to get anything out of them is to manipulate their emotions and their women who are allowed to vote. )

So no we don't have to give them 1/2 of a country they never owned or dominated.

If I ran a small ethnostate I'd ignore them and give them full autonomy in their homelands with no aid or help. I'd try to trade with them and if they polluted my lands or fuck with me I'd wage war on them.

If I ran the entire US as an ethnostate I'd give each member a lump sum payout (100k or so) and then turn the best parts of their reservation into a national park and auction the rest of it off to the highest bidder. Then I'd end all welfare programs for natives within the ethnostate. Sink or swim.

Send_nasty_stuff, Reddit 0 Comments [8/7/2018 12:40:48 AM]
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