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Are you a race betrayer? Why do you so eagerly wish men of your own race to become sissys and transgenders? Don't you worry they will be bred out by White men?

It has nothing to do with what I wish, it has everything to do with what they are best at, and I encourage them to follow that so they can lead very happy and fulfilling lives. I hope they won’t be bred out by White men because that means Japanese women would be bred out and then who would get to enjoy the exquisite joy and sexual pleasure that only we can provide?

Besides, many White men prefer their sissies and transgender sexual partners to be Asian. The males have many feminine features to begin with and it makes them often quite sought after. They get to experience serving, and being dominantly fucked by more Alphas than most.

Why is this a hard concept for people to understand? I could be upset that I am not 6 feet tall and White and have blonde hair and fit the definition of a supermodel and most commonly accepted symbols of beauty in our culture or I could use all of the sexual advantages I do have at my disposal.

I get to engage into the fantasy of a geisha and embrace a submissive side that men fight over hand and fist before wanting to fuck a vanilla White woman whether she is a supermodel or not. I get to embrace the dominant and Alpha side of my personality because trust me, when a man finally does want to submit he wants the greatest amount of submission he can achieve and a 5 foot tiny Asian woman making him kneel before her accomplishes that very easily.

It has nothing to do with what I wish, it has everything to do with what they are best at…

I agree with this line of yours so much!

I understand it as comparative advantage in global economy, e.g. China and SE Asia produce cheap products, Japan produces electronics, Australia produces dairy, USA produces films and high-tech, etc.. Only in this way could every country bring their best into play.

Likewise, Asian girls dating White guys and Asian guys being their servants in chastity cages will make everyone happy. Why resist that?

I used to dislike Asian girls dating foreigners, but now I happily and proudly embrace the beauty and harmony of WMAF.

werewolves-do-wander & vanwmaf, Tumblr 0 Comments [8/7/2018 12:43:06 AM]
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