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Ahem, I am from/in Mexico, born, raised and will die here. With all due respect, fuck the "native americans". The northern tribes had an atrocious reputation across the board even as far back as the pre-conquest era (1400s) and they were extremely poorly regarded by the tribes of mesoamerica (Aztecs obviously, Tarahumara, etc.).

The "heritage" of the norther tribes is non-existent. They engaged in constant warfare until they met an opponent beyond their ability to defeat. They lost the war, they have no claim to the land.... if anything they should be immensely thankful that the pioneers didn't wipe them out because of the situation were reversed, the northern tribes would never have hesitated to kill every man , woman and child that was part of the opposing faction. Mercy was not something the northern tribes were known for, at all. So be grateful that the winners of the war didn't think the same way.

tldr, no, the native americans are dumb for thinking they have a claim.

Themythof_feminism, Reddit 0 Comments [8/9/2018 7:50:54 AM]
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