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Bullshit. My ancestors conquered this land and built it from scratch, that’s completely different than coming here to an already established society. Whites were 85% of the population historically, Asians less than 1%. While you certainly helped with railroads this is by no means your home, and by no means are you an “American”, especially with your vitriolic anti white sentiments. How can you possible take advantage of everything done here by my people and still want
to do us harm

What if whites fled to Japan and used the same rhetoric you use against us? “Japanese supremacy” “Straight Japanese male privilege” “the Japanese are over represented in all aspects of their government, we white demand representatives!”

Pls. Also the quickest cure to Asian thots dating white men (which I also see as a massive problem, I don’t want Hapas and prefer white genes to all others) is separation and nationalism. A homeland for all. Whites respect Asians for being intelligent and hard working with a good culture centered on family. There’s no reason to have conflict between our people especially considering that Asians and whites are the two highest iq groups and that our societies are objectively the best and most prosperous
Also I laugh at the idea that Asians are “second class citizens” maybe in the sexual market but look at government statistics by race. Asians make more than whites on average, you guys commit less crime and use less government handouts, you make up 30% of Ivy League colleges and score the highest on average in terms of test scores in the US. What are you fighting against here again?

HippyGenocide, Reddit 0 Comments [8/9/2018 6:16:26 AM]
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