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The problem is more complex than 'private corporations can do what they want'. When you get banned from every major platform for nebulous reasons or poor reasons at all, it begs the question if you can get your message out. To people. There are no current notable competitors to YouTube, Apple and Facebook. Or sound cloud and spotify. There was also an agreement that they would never allow what happened with 2018 to happen again, which means purging voices from their platforms.

It also calls into question whether these are platforms or publishers. If they're a platform, they're not responsible for user content. If they're a publisher, then they are legally liable. Can you even speak if all major platforms for it bar you from it? How will you build an audience?

There were also videos that called into question the nature of 'private'. Many of these companies were started with public money and tax breaks, as well as technology developed by the US military (GPS and the internet itself). So can they really be private?

Also this was a business decision as well as political. Alex fucking Jones was kicking the ever loving shit out of CNN and MSNBC. When a man that is mostly treated as a joke is beating your friends, it is very embarrassing. Especially to YouTube, whose dumb cunt CEO thinks they can replace TV. So they booted him. The question is will they continue to purge right wing voices or not? Especially if it benefits your business.

Also, will they just stop there? What about payment processors? What about web hosts or essential services like Cloudflare? Most, if not all, these businesses are leftist owned, far leftist. All are private companies and can defacto ban you from the net entirely. Is that ok justification for banning you for your opinion?

Secret Asshole, Kiwi Farms 3 Comments [8/9/2018 6:19:37 AM]
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You don`t and you shouldn`t. Not every single delusion deserves a platform, all too true in the case of a scammer like Alex Jones.

8/9/2018 6:44:02 AM


Who would you sue first if his words lies lead to violence? How many people would want to sue you if you repeat his lies with violent results?

Just askin'...

8/9/2018 11:44:50 AM


Bozo the Clown is about to be banned from a platform that's far more than the nebulous internet.

When it's the Conservative Party: the government of the day of a major Western country that's about to drop far worse than Mjolnir on that racist Tory tard, 'Opinions' are the least of your problems, OP.

So what 'Leftist' companies can do is the least of your problems: and it's this Conservative government that's given Facebook, Twitter, Google etc a simple ultimatum: purge unjustifiable thinking from your services or they'll do it for you.

Web hosts? Cloudflare?


When it's the likes of them that have stopped potentially lethal terrorist attacks in the US & UK: via far worse said on more than just the internet, you have less right to complain, OP.

But then as Charlottesville proved, it's more than just Islameist 'Opinions' that have no right to exist that pose a threat to world peace.

8/9/2018 2:54:45 PM

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