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Well KJU is a Swiss indoctrinated Freemason.

The Ryugyoing hotel in Pyongyang is a 33 degrees Freemason project.

KJU financial wealth is in the Billions and all this is scattered through various global banks offshore and these are controlled by Illuminati/Freemasons.

The sanctions which are squeezing his personal financial wealth is just to show KJU who is the boss and who gives the orders.

And "neutral" countries like Switzerland and Sweden are used to also keep a check on KJU.

If a genuine official "Peace" treaty can be realized between NK and SK than this will be a massive blow to Western Illuminati banking cartel as this means no more hegemony over North East Asia.

Active, Korean Sentry 0 Comments [8/9/2018 10:38:55 AM]
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