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Look. No race is inferior to another.

Races ARE absolutely different from one another though.
So, inferior in what aspects? IQ? On average, yes. Athleticism? On average you would be superior to most whites in that area.

Races also all have a general set of personality traits among them. Blacks are generally aggressive and very short tempered. Whites are somewhere in the middle, and Asians are the least aggressive and short tempered out of the three.

So, you'd have to ask about specific areas you're referring to. Based solely off your ancestral lineage you are no worse or better than any other person of any other race.

But (and a big but), a lot of times blacks do tend to be objectively shittier people than whites.

Odd18, Reddit 5 Comments [8/9/2018 1:47:42 PM]
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Correlation does not imply causation.

8/9/2018 1:54:26 PM

Happy Atheist

'Objectively' can't be assigned to a quality like the 'shittiness' of a person. It's subjective.

Take you for example. By my standards you're a cunt.

8/9/2018 1:56:01 PM

Citizen Justin

"No race is inferior, it's just that they're shits."

8/9/2018 4:57:45 PM


Funny, when Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, she spoke of the "Patient, long-suffering negro" as opposed to "the hot and hasty Saxon" surprising how stereotypes can chance in only a few generations.

8/10/2018 6:02:05 AM

Doubting Thomas

Says no race is inferior to another, then lists reasons why blacks are inferior to whites.

8/10/2018 8:09:25 AM

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