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Also, if a person neglects their animals and the animals die, they are still punished, even though it was "on accident."

Completely different from killing someone (person or animal) on purpose. But actually, it depends on the animal and how it was neglected. Last year, my 6-year-old forgot to feed her goldfish and it died. Do you think she deserves to go to jail?

In my view, it was a good learning experience for her, even though she didn't face any legal consequences. I'm not saying that people should get off scot-free for neglecting other human beings for whom they're responsible, but let's keep in mind that humans and animals are different just like murder and negligence are different.

you could make the logical argument that a fetus is part of a woman's body and a woman should be able to do whatever she wants to her own body, including destroy parts of it, but to excuse a person who killed a fetus with meth by saying "nobody's perfect" sounds inhumane to me.

I don't make that argument, I am pro-life. But I also don't believe that every living being ought to be locked up in a tower somewhere to prevent any possible bad thing from happening to end its life. This is life, there is risk involved, bad things happen to real people. Not every bad decision needs to lead to jail. If doing meth is illegal, then prosecute the woman for that. Not for negligent homicide. Otherwise we will be looking at negligent homicide charges any time any fetus dies for any reason. That's just unreasonable.

identitiee, r/Libertarian 0 Comments [8/10/2018 11:20:55 AM]
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