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It is commonplace in Hollywood movies for produces to display occult symbols (primarily the All Seeing Eye) during creepy movie scenes depicting abductions, rapes, blood and gore, pedophilia and violence. This is how Satanists brag to each other. The reason why Hollywood is promoting such evils today, gradually pushing the moral limits, is to intentionally implant darker themes and heinous thoughts into the viewer's mind. This is an ongoing generational brainwashing program to prepare the world to follow the Man of Sin when he comes, known more commonly as, The Antichrist! God-fearing Christians WON'T follow the Man of Sin, they will expose him!

As difficult as this may be to accept, it is true. A clear example of this is the abundance of occult symbols displayed on back of every U.S. one-dollar bill. Another plain example is the Washington Monument, symbolizing an erect male phallus, by a bunch of phallus-worshipping Freemasons. Another blatant example is the 911 Memorial. Thousands upon thousands of Hollywood movies are saturated with occult symbols, some hidden and some obvious, signifying who the true boos of Hollywood is, Lucifer! I have a trained eye for occult symbols, and I see things that the average person doesn't, because they are not familiar with how Luciferians communicate and do things. A detective is not allowed to believe in coincidences. Are some of these symbols coincidence? Of course, no doubt, but it is also abundantly clear, such as in the case of the 911 memorial, that oftentimes it is deliberate! Most churchgoers don't care about such things and reject them, which is why Satan is able to deceive them so easily with New World order Bible versions and the NWO emerging church!

Also, the purpose for the new lows in filth and immorality in movies, theatre screens and television is to corrupt the human soul. A child who grows up in a good home, without being introduced to the horrific ideas of murder, rape, incest, violence, rebellion, et cetera, won't even be able to think of such things. This is why sex education is being taught in public school, not to help children know better, but to damage them, by introducing sexually immoral ideas into their impressionable minds that that they would never think of. We've lost our innocence today in America, and it has been accomplished deliberately by Luciferians and ungodly moguls behind the entertainment industry, and the communist school system, and other areas that allow trashy people to influence and corrupt America's youth.

The ungodly filth in today's movies is intended by Luciferians to put those evil thoughts into your mind, to get you thinking an evil way, knowing that a small percentage of viewers will at some point act upon those evil impulses. What goes into your mind stays there forever! And in many cases, as we see increasingly across America in horrifying crime scenes today, they also come out! To put it simple, Satan is putting horrible evil ideas into TV viewer's minds!!!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 6 Comments [9/12/2018 1:42:48 AM]
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How is a phallus an 'occult' symbol, Davey? They're everywhere, and very important to the male psyche. Why is it that YOU see a phallic symbol and think of Satan?
Why do you think ALL Of us see an obelisk and think of Satanic dick?

9/12/2018 4:16:37 AM


Dave, you raped a 12yr-old girl.

Go fuck yourself.

9/12/2018 6:27:03 AM

Doubting Thomas

Again, if I were running a super-secret Satanic conspiracy to take over the world, my #1 rule would be "no secret symbols anywhere." Because firstly, what is the point in providing secret clues that you and your secret plan exist, and secondly, why make these clues so obvious that idiots like David J. Stewart can figure them out?

9/12/2018 7:03:29 AM


Davie cut off your own satanic symbol then.

9/12/2018 3:24:34 PM


David you say you do not even watch TV any more. How can you make such a claim?


9/12/2018 6:32:43 PM


Another plain example is the Washington Monument, symbolizing an erect male phallus, by a bunch of phallus-worshipping Freemasons

Meanwhile, on the Thames Embankment:

So Cleopatra was Futanari, David J. Pervo?!

9/12/2018 6:36:09 PM

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