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The question is... How did a Marxist like Brennan end up being the head of the CIA? The deep state is full of Marxist, communist and socialist.

jerod, Free Republic 8 Comments [9/9/2018 12:43:26 PM]
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Extra credit: define Marxist, communist, and socialist. Or do you really just mean "bad guy, bad guy, and bad guy"?

9/9/2018 2:29:26 PM

Citizen Justin

@ Kanna

"Person I don't like".

9/9/2018 3:15:06 PM


Brennan probably doesn't even watch the Marx Brothers.

9/9/2018 8:56:04 PM



9/10/2018 9:32:55 AM

Doubting Thomas

I seriously doubt he's an actual Marxist. As in, I bet he still believes in the concept of money and private ownership of factories and businesses. Or does "Marxist" mean "someone I don't like?"

9/10/2018 11:13:17 AM


John O. Brennan's only crime was he dared to criticize Trump. How dare he.

9/10/2018 1:22:44 PM


@ creativerealms

Well, he committed other crimes, what with how he led CIA, but these particular crimes do not disturb Trump fans. I would agree with you that the only thing they do not like about Brennan is that he dared to criticise their dear leader.

9/11/2018 8:24:36 AM


Yeah, he wasn't a Marxist UNTIL he criticized Trump. So the answer to Jerod's question is, Trump's total lack of political experience enabled all these Marxist, Communist and Socialist members of the deep state to rise to power without having to confront their feelings about ineptitude, narcissism, corruption, manbaby whining, and tantrums.

9/11/2018 11:06:26 AM

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