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This may step on some ppl’s toes but like.. I hope bi men know that the biphobia women harbor against them is a product of misogyny (homophobia is a product of this as well ofc). Not to say that these women shouldn’t be held accountable for having these harmful beliefs but whenever I see bi men post about how women aren’t open to dating them I feel like they’re placing a lot of the blame on women and it’s just kinda hmmmmmmm

#yes i am a bi woman #i think a lot of bi men think theyre absolved from having sexist biases as well #just the vibe im picking up on

beb0t, Tumblr 2 Comments [9/7/2018 2:15:28 PM]
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Citizen Justin

If a woman isn't open to dating a man merely on account of him being bi (and not for any other reason), it's probably because she doesn't want someone who's been up another bloke's arse.

Whatever it is it's not a product of misogyny. Plus, how does the quotee hope to "hold women accountable for having these harmful beliefs"? Whatever one thinks of their choice, it's still their choice.

9/8/2018 3:15:44 PM


I also see a lot of hate from lesbians toward bi women for letting a penis 'pollute' them.
Interestingly enough - I see very little of this from straight men towards bi women - they just get their hopes up for a threesome with another woman.

9/9/2018 7:13:08 AM

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