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Heloise Chung said:

Especially since we need more WOMEN in STEM fields. Way to tone police her enthusiasm @HomerHickham.

"We need more women in the STEM field."
Stupid gook, this isn't a woman. He literally said to suck his dick and balls.

This is what is going to happen thanks to these feminist retards: natal women will be locked out of everything and fucked up troons will take their places. It's like the suffrage movement never happen thanks to these brainless twats.

heathercho, Kiwi Farms 3 Comments [9/7/2018 2:16:17 PM]
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Heather sweetie, go get an advanced degree in physics or engineering, then let us know how you're doing with the job search. I don't think STEM jobs have job specs for "natal women".

( I'm a "natal woman" who worked in a STEM field. Trust me, there aren't enough trans women in the world to replace us all.)

9/7/2018 7:34:03 PM


Well, I certainly hope heathercho is locked out of everything but a cell.

9/8/2018 1:07:01 PM

trans women are more likely to go int stem from what ive seen. id like to see this studied though for conclusive evidence.

9/9/2018 2:54:35 PM

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