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("Huckool" is this sicko: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Huckle. So not only is he a racist, he's a horrible human being too)

Hi guys, I'm a new member here as I heard this is a popular forum for Malaysians, and I'm really in a time of need where I want to confide with other anonymous Malaysians who won't bias favour my opinions out of friendship (basically I'd like some cold, hard honesty).

I'm a 26yo British student, and I have fallen deeply in love with Malaysia, especially the Tamil community (though I also love the Malays and Chinese nationals here too), and try to do whatever community or social work that I can in my spare time, especially helping local kids. I'm also a keen photographer, which earns me some pocket money by doing small events for people.

But lately I've been having problems, and I don't know if God/Karma is punishing me for this, but I've developed a really negative and hostile view of negro Africans, which has severely escalated the past year, and I simply ask, are Africans really such a major problem in this country, or has my personal opinion started from an irritation to a full blown hatred that I can never turn back from?

There are numerous reasons I have a dislike for Africans, especially as its gotten personal for me with several of my close female friends being harassed by Nigerians, who lust for the first woman they can make conversation with. I've also read and heard many stories of Africans being a nuisance in this country, from their aggressive attitude and loud parties, over staying and abusing visas, to being involved in drug smuggling and internet/love scams.

I know there's the term that I shouldn't let one bad apple spoil the bunch, but for me with Africans, I can't find any good fruit at all; I only think of disgust whenever I see a Nigerian, especially one with a local woman (what suprises me most is, with the kind of ego Nigerians have, they'll settle for some of the 'ugliest' locals, which show even clearer signs of love scams). Even my close friend, who's a Muslim Indian divorced mother with five children, is currently 'dating' a Nigerian, but I know in my heart and hers that she wants nothing to do with this man.

I'm even having problems in my apartment with Africans; I made a joint investment on a deposit for an apartment with my Iranian best friend, where we sublet two spare rooms, but he and his Ugandan girlfriend collected most of the deposit money from the subtenants, leaving me over RM900 out of pocket. Now the Iranian has gone back to his country, and the Ugandan wants to kick me out. An African I was forced to trust for being the girlfriend of my best friend, and the corrupt African way is going to screw me over.

All I ask is, my Malaysian friends, are Africans really this bad to you in society? Is the Malaysian government really trying to deal with the mess that it's made by opening its borders to a flood of Africans, who only take money from this country, whether they do legal work or scams, and send all they can back to their countries? Are our SEAsian neighbours suffering just as bad and are they doing anything about it? I've read a mix of things saying that Singapore has become very tight and regulated with allowing Africans, especially Nigerians, into their country (is this true?).

My incurable racist attitude towards Africans seems to create more problems than it solves, but am I exaggerating my ideas of these people or are they really that bad of a social menace that so many other locals are suffering here? Agree or disagree, I'd love to hear your constructive views on this.

Huckool, Iowyat 0 Comments [9/9/2018 5:53:32 AM]
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